English Grammar Corner

Table of Contents

General Grammar Tips

The Articles - A, An and The
Descriptive Words: A Huge List of Descriptive Adjectives, Verbs & Adverbs
Quantifiers in English | A Lot Of, A Few, A Little, A Bit…
Types of Articles: Definite Article & Indefinite Articles
Parts of Speech in English Grammar
How to Use Many, Much, A lot of, and Lots of
Irregular Plural Nouns You Have To Know
The Prepositions of Time: At, On & In
Figures of Speech
Complete List of Prepositional Phrase Examples in English
The Most Important Opposite Words in English
The Most Common English Homophones You Need To Know

Common Comparisons

Since and For - What is the difference?
Have To or Must - The Differences
So and Such – The Differences in Usage
Whom and Whose - How to use them in English
Everyday vs. Every day - What's the Difference?
British English vs. American English: 40 Differences Illustrated
Specially vs. Especially - What's the Difference?
How to Use Neither and Either
The Difference Between ON Time vs. IN Time
There Is vs. There Are
Do & Make: What's the difference?

English Tenses

Past Perfect Tense (Structure & Examples)
Present Continuous Tense: Definition & Useful Examples in English
The Past Simple Tense
Zero Conditional
Future Tenses - Will vs. Going to
An Overview of the Conditionals in the English Sentence

Adjectives & Adverbs

English Adverbs in Categories
An Overview of Comparison in English Grammar
An Overview of the Superlative in English Grammar
The Basic Types of Adverbs | Usage & Adverb Examples in English
The Correct Order of Adjectives in English


Confusing Verbs in English and How to Really Use Them!
Modal Auxiliary Verbs
All Types of Verbs in the English Language


The Demonstrative Pronouns
Relative Pronouns: Definition, Rules & Useful Examples

Writing Tips

Basic Sentence Structures
270 TOEFL Words You Need to Know
200 IELTS Words You Need to Know
Useful List of Informal Contractions in English
E.G. Meaning: What Does E.G. Mean?
How to Actually Use Apostrophe ‘s
English Punctuation Rules
Great Ways to Start a Sentence
The Best Ways to End an Email
The Best Email Phrases You Can Use at Work
Glossary of ESL Cooking Terms

Speaking Tips

Conversation Cards about Christmas
Go Fishing ESL Icebreaker Printable
Speaking Activity: Conversation Cards about Books
Other Ways to Say "For Example"
Different Way to Say "I Think" in English
Questions to Help You Start a Conversations
Tips for Polite and Diplomatic Language
Speaking Tips C1-C2 Levels in English
The Most Useful Phrases For Classroom Language
Top ESL Weather Vocabulary List
Phrases for Asking and Giving Directions in English

Date & Time

Tips for Stating the Date in English
Telling Time in English


HAVE GOT Grammar Work Sheet
Since or For - Grammar Worksheet
January Syllables Practice Worksheet
Christmas Tree Reading Comprehension
Reading Questions
Stockings Full of Verbs and Adjectives
Fix the Mixed Up Christmas Sentences
Christmas Writing Word Bank
Opinion Writing: Candy Canes or Kisses?
Create Your Own Christmas Comic
Make a Wish Worksheet
New Year Predictions Worksheet
Snowman Writing Page
All About Me ESL Poster
Christmas Draw-On with Positional Words
Decorating The Christmas Tree
Happy New Year Worksheet
Happy New Year Printable
Happy New Year Writing Prompt
Christmas Board Game
Christmas Roll a Story
Synonym and Antonym ESL Worksheet
Winter Vocabulary ABC Order Worksheet
Christmas Definitions ESL Worksheet
ESL Winter Quiz
Rudolph Sight Word and Coloring Worksheet
Find and Write Ending Digraph Sheet
Fall Worksheet "Which one is big?"
Free Thanksgiving Writing Worksheet
Thanksgiving I Am Thankful Turkey
Happy Thanksgiving Word Search Worksheet
Snowman Color Word Families
"Picnic in the Countryside" Worksheet
At School Word Search
"About Me" ESL Board Game
Feelings Cut Out Worksheet
How's The Weather Matching Worksheet
Christmas Word Search Printable
Disney's Frozen Word Search
Thanksgiving Crossword Puzzle
Printable Autumn Adventures Mad Libs
Free Printable Fifty State Word Search
If I Were An Elf ESL Worksheet
I am Thankful for Worksheet
Halloween Word Search
Thanksgiving Mad Libs Printable
Free Printable Thanksgiving Foods Word Search
Christmas Definitions ESL Worksheet
Grinch Themed Word Search for the Holidays
Halloween ESL Roll-A-Story Activity Sheet
Printable ESL Winter Word Search
FREE Printable Winter Word Search and Word Scramble
Free Printable Pilgrims Word Search
Free Printable Thanksgiving Word Search
Halloween Crossword
Free Printable Halloween Word Search
Free Printable Fall Word Search
Printable Fall Word Search for ESL Students
Guess Who Halloween Activity Sheet
Printable Halloween Party Word Find Activity Sheet
Printable Halloween Word Scramble Worksheet
9 Fun Social Distancing Greetings for the Classroom
Printable Fall Word Scramble for Autumn Season
Job Descriptions ESL Worksheet
A, An, The Worksheet