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The Articles - A, An and The


A, an or the? Practice and revise using articles with this useful poster!

Grammar Corner The Articles - A, An and The


Understanding Grammar: A, an and the


A or An

  • 1st Time: There is a fly in my soup.
  • 1 or any: I need a pencil.
  • Some quantities: a couple, a few, a handful, etc.
  • Jobs: I'm a teacher.
  • Exclamations Singular: What a beautiful day!



  • 2nd time: What is the fly doing in my soup?
  • Only 1: the moon, the Queen, the President
  • Rivers and seas: The Severn is the longest river in the UK.
  • Superlatives: Football is the best sport in the world.
  • Inventions: The computer has revolutionized the way we work.


No Article

  • Exclamations plural: What beautiful children you have!
  • Meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner, supper
  • Special places: school, college, university, hospital, prison, church
  • Proper nouns: people, countries, cities
  • Generalizations: Cats are better than dogs. 



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