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Why teach English online?

Teaching English online has become more and more popular in recent years. One reason for this is the increasing demand for qualified English teachers around the world and in regions where physical study for English students is hard to come by. More and more teachers decide to go for the online teaching lifestyle, which allows them to work on their own hours, teach when they like and from where they like. This leads to an immense freedom many crave and want to switch to from the usual 9-to-5 work place.

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Teaching English online is a rapidly expanding area of the TEFL/TESOL market. It is suggested that beyond 2020 there may be more people learning English online worldwide than face-to-face in a classroom setting. Through the following courses below, we will show you how to adapt your existing skills and knowledge to suit this specific area of the teaching world. On completion of the course, you will gain access to a unique graduate network, connecting you to ITTT CTEO alumni currently employed by many of the major employers in online teaching.

170-hr Course (Specialization:Teaching Online)

This course package combines the ever popular 120-hour certificate with our 50-hour specialized course in Teaching English online. This popular option provides the perfect start for anyone who wants the skills to teach in both a traditional classroom setting and a virtual environment.

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US$ 420
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US$ 289

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To learn more about teaching English online, check out the FAQs below:

Do I need a TEFL certificate to teach English online?

Do I need a TEFL certificate to teach English online?   

Although it is possible to teach English online without any formal qualifications, it is definitely recommended that you complete a TEFL course before you get started as many online teaching platforms require applicants to be TEFL certified.

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Can I teach English online without any teaching experience?

Can I teach English online without any teaching experience?   

For most online teaching positions prior experience is not necessary, although many platforms do pay a higher hourly rate for those with a few years of experience under their belt. By completing a TEFL course before starting to teach online, you will learn all the skills and knowledge you need to get started as an online EFL teacher.

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Are online English teachers in demand?

Are online English teachers in demand?   Due to the growing number of people learning English as a second language across the world, the demand for qualified online English teachers is extremely high. This trend is expected to continue to grow in the coming years due to the convenience of online learning. Read more

Which TEFL course is best for teaching English online?

Which TEFL course is best for teaching English online?   Possessing a TEFL certification is a huge bonus, and often even a requirement, in order to get hired by online teaching platforms. ITTT offers a variety of excellent course options, many of which are specifically targeted to build online teaching skills. Read more

Which platforms hire online English teachers?

Which platforms hire online English teachers?   Due to the increasing demand in online English learning, there is a great variety of platforms to choose from. Requirements, hourly pay, bonuses, teaching hours and other factors all vary from platform to platform, so it is important to do your research to find out which one suits you best. Read more

How do I create my own online teaching business?

How do I create my own online teaching business?   Teachers who do not want to be tied to an individual teaching platform can choose to start their own online teaching business. This is a particularly popular option among teachers who have a couple of years of work with teaching platforms under their belt, but in reality anyone can do it regardless. Read more

How much can I earn teaching English online?

How much can I earn teaching English online?   Most teaching platforms pay their teachers by the hour. An average hourly rate for online English teachers ranges from $15 and $30, however, an agency will typically take a cut of this as a fee if you work through a platform. Read more

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Teach English Online - It’s THAT Easy!

Are you tired of the usual 9-to-5 work place? The increasing demand for qualified English teachers around the globe, especially in remote regions worldwide, has led to a boom in online English education. Teaching English online allows you to work on your own hours, teach when you like and from where you like.

Following this trend, ITTT has designed a specialization course that gives you exactly the skills you will need in the virtual classroom for teaching online. The 170-hr course in Teaching English as a foreign language with online specialization is taken in two parts: First, our 120-hour certification is completed. This is followed by a further 50 hours of study looking at the particular skills needed to teach English online.

Teachers who are already TEFL certified with at least 120 hours of study, can opt for the easy top-up option and take the 50-hr course in Teaching English Online (CTEO).

All these course options are studied 100% online and are available with or without tutor support. Course graduates receive an internationally recognized certification and lifetime job placement guidance.

As you can see from the below infographic, now is the best time to get started with teaching English online. Simply take a TEFL/TESOL course from ITTT and get qualified to teach English - not only online but also in countries all around the world!

Teach English Online - It’s THAT Easy!

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