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Christmas Definitions ESL Worksheet

This ESL worksheet with Christmas definitions is great for teaching your students more about Christmas, its customs, and how it is celebrated.

Grammar Corner Christmas Definitions ESL Worksheet


Answer Key

1. An imaginary creature that looks like a small person and has magical powers is a pixie.

2. A fat man with a white beard and a red suit who gives toys to children at Chriswtmas is Santa Claus.

3. Animals that are in front of Santa's sleigh are reindeer.

4. A shiny ball hung on a Christmas tree is a bable.

5. Wax formed into a stick with a string in the middle is a candle.

6. The "green" thing you decorate is called a Christmas tree.

7. Tinsel is shiny metal strips.

8. The red-nosed reindeer is called Rudolph.

9. Something you give to someone special is a present.

10. A building that is used for Christian religious services is called a church.

11. The birth of Jesus is celebrated on December 25th.

12. A turkey is a large American bird eaten at Christmas.

13. A greeting is often written on a Christmas card.

14. A barn is a building on a farm used for storing grain.

15. An open box used for food for farm animals is called a manger.

16. An object in space that looks like points of light in the night sky is called a star.

17. An ornament is a small, fancy thing that is put on something else to make it more attractive.

18. Any one of the first four books of the Christian Bible that tell the life of Jesus Christ is called the Gospel.


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