How can you get TEFL or TESOL certified during the Coronavirus pandemic?

ITTT's online TEFL courses and combined courses are your best options at this time for getting TEFL or TESOL certified and to prepare you for opportunities to teach English online and overseas in the future.

Even though some of our in-class locations are slowly opening up again, many of them remain on hold throughout the rest of 2020. So if you're looking to take an in-class TEFL or TESOL course for teaching English as a foreign language, unfortunately, this is unlikely to happen for all our 30+ locations until 2021.

For up-to-date info related to availability and cancellations of in-person TEFL courses around the globe, please check out available course dates on our location pages.

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Important to know:

Important to know:

You can take our online courses and the first section of the combined course safely from home. Once the in-class locations are open again, you will be free to complete the teaching practicum that is part of the combined course.