Tefl 2022 Answer Key

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Which TEFL course should I take? - ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ TEFL FAQs

When deciding on a TEFL course, it is vital to consider the standard qualifications EFL employers look for. A 120-hour TEFL certificate course is widely recognized as the baseline requirement globally. At ITTT, we offer multiple avenues to achieve this essential certification, ensuring our trainees meet the most sought-after criteria in the English teaching world. Travel to learn or stay at home? What are onsite TEFL courses like? What are online TEFL courses like? 120-hour TEFL certification Specialized TEFL courses Diploma level course Package courses Combined TEFL courses The first distinction in TEFL course type depends upon whether you want to travel to a training center to complete your studies or stay at home. If you wish to travel, then an onsite course is best for you. Should you...  [Read more]

Key Responsibilities of a Teacher in a TEFL Classroom - TEFL Blog

Elizaveta Pachina Alumni Experiences The roles of an English teacher in a TEFL classroom are varied and depend largely on the stage of the lesson and the situations that may arise, both planned and unplanned. Many people see the teacher as the main source of information and an example of the English language. This, in a sense, is the primary role of a teacher; however, in order to fulfill the ultimate goal a teacher has, they must create a productive atmosphere in the class and a good, working relationship with their students. Learning trajectory Lesson flow Role model Find your role as a TEFL teacher today! Related Articles: Listen to this blog post: This post was written by our TEFL certification graduate Shannon T. Please note that this blog post might not necessarily represent the...  [Read more]

Reading as a Key to Success - TEFL Blog

Elizaveta Pachina Teaching Ideas A book is an important source of knowledge and "knowledge is power". There is no doubt that reading is beneficial to everyone. Shakespeare said, "Book is the nourishment of the world, life without books, as if the earth without sunshine; wisdom without books, just as birds without winds". Reading builds a good foundation to improve both speaking and writing skills since the more we read the more vocabulary we have available for us to use when we speak or write. This way we could better express our thoughts. Also, the more we read, the broader our knowledge base, and thus the more resources we have when we are dealing with problems. Francis Bacon said, "Reading gives a person with pleasure, give a person with light, give a person with the ability",...  [Read more]

Key Functions and Principles of Lesson Planning - TEFL Blog

Jon ITTT Alumni Experiences Lesson planning is an indispensable part of successful lessons. Generally speaking, lesson plans have various functions that are conducive to the classes. Listen to this blog post: The function of a lesson plan Lesson planning principles What should a lesson plan include? The ESA method Are you planning to teach English abroad? Related Articles: Check out what our course grads say in our many video testimonials! This post was written by our TEFL certification graduate Juan W. First and most importantly, lesson plans can help teachers think and deliver classes logically through different stages of the classes. It can also give teachers hints needed. When teachers plan lessons, there are several aspects that need to be taken into consideration, such as lesson...  [Read more]

Tefl reviews - Study Short Answers - ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ITTT

  This video is a sample EFL lesson in a real-life classroom setting abroad. After covering how to build questions with modals, the teacher elicits the form for short answers from his students. Notice how the teacher elicits information from his students rather than feeding them the new information. This way, the students think in English and also speak to the teacher in English. Below you can read feedback from an ITTT graduate regarding one section of their online TEFL certification course. Each of our online courses is broken down into concise units that focus on specific areas of English language teaching. This convenient, highly structured design means that you can quickly get to grips with each section before moving onto the next. Register now & get certified to teach...  [Read more]

Key Factors to Increase Confidence in The Classroom - TEFL Blog

Elizaveta Pachina Teaching Ideas I will never forget my first day in front of a class of students, and especially the night before the first lesson. I did not sleep much and spent the night planning and organizing every single detail, I remember even training the "teacher face" in front of the mirror. The morning the crucial moment arrives, and I find myself in front of sixty eyes looking at me and waiting. There are probably stress and expectations from both sides. It is at this precise moment we do not want to misstep, and want to start the lesson confidently. The confidence is a quality expected from an adult in the position to lead a group of students, but is it indispensable? How important is confidence in the classroom? Should we practice to increase our confidence as a teacher?...  [Read more]

Key Functions of Playing Games in the Classroom - TEFL Blog

Elizaveta Pachina Teaching Ideas Learning through games has become more common over the years. The traditional academic-oriented learning method of repetitive memorizing is slowly becoming outdated, and most students prefer to learn in a fun and interactive environment. Boosting Curiosity and Creativity Exams vs. Games Benefits of Games Do you want to teach English abroad? Related Articles: Listen to this blog post: This post was written by our TEFL certification graduate Katherine I. Please note that this blog post might not necessarily represent the beliefs or opinions of ITTT. Children of all ages love to play, from the tiny infants to the toddler who sings ABC songs, to primary children who plays memory games. Children learn important skills by playing. Playing enhances children's...  [Read more]

The Three Key Parts of Classroom Management - TEFL Blog

Mark Crocker Alumni Experiences Teaching Ideas Proper classroom management is a crucial skill in teaching English as a foreign language. A good teacher will possess the skills and an awareness of how to navigate the classroom setting. Furthermore, a teacher who has good classroom management will produce a positive learning environment where learning is maximized. Three critical skills in classroom management are rapport building, effective lesson planning, and using a diversity of teaching resources. Why Establishing Rapport is a Crucial Part of Classroom Management Why Lesson Planning is a Crucial Part of Classroom Management Why Diverse Teaching Resources are a Crucial Part of Classroom Management Are you ready to teach English abroad? Related Articles: Listen to this blog post: This...  [Read more]

Motivated Students as a Key to Successful Teaching - TEFL Blog

Elizaveta Pachina Alumni Experiences This academic discourse will examine the concepts of motivation in an ESL classroom, through the lens of some motivational theorists such as John Schumann and John Keller. According to Kreitner ( 1995 ), "Motivation is the psychological process that gives behavior purpose and direction". Dalton E (1974) stated that " Motivation refers to how urges drives, desires, aspirations, and strivings or needs direct, control or explain the behavior of human beings. From the definitions quoted above, one can conclude that without motivation, there's inertia at the level of human ability and energy. There are four kinds of motivation: intrinsic, extrinsic, instrumental, and integrative. ATTENTION RELEVANCE CONFIDENCE SATISFACTION Do you want to teach English...  [Read more]

Key Ways to Motivate Students from Young Learners to Adults - TEFL Blog

Jon ITTT Alumni Experiences As we all know, motivation is a core aspect of teaching and learning a language. Lack of motivation is perhaps the biggest obstacle that we face as students and teachers. If a student lacks motivation, he/she will not pay attention in the class or will simply find it boring. At the same time if a teacher lacks motivation to teach he/she will be unable to attract students' attention and give them all they need. Let us be honest and say that intelligent students are those, who always eagerly attend class and enjoy the process. Here we need a highly motivated teacher who is willing help them. In this article I divide students into several categories because different situations require different approaches. How to motivate young learners Helping teenagers to get...  [Read more]

How to Control Effectively: Key Suggestions for Perfect Classroom Management - TEFL Blog

Elizaveta Pachina Alumni Experiences Teaching Ideas Classroom management is a topic that is so broad, so overwhelming that it's hard to know where to begin. A group of people coming together to learn a common subject or topic under the guidance of an instructor is called a class. The people taking the instructions are called learners and the place where the instruction takes place is called the classroom. Ensuring the smooth and uninterrupted learning environment in a classroom so that teaching takes place successfully is called classroom management. Progressively I will be discussing the strategies used to achieve effective classroom management. Key Strategies Positive Relationship Rules Encouragement Do you want to teach English abroad? Related Articles: Listen to this blog post This...  [Read more]

Classroom Management: 4 Key Factors to Consider - TEFL Blog

Elizaveta Pachina Teaching Ideas Classroom management is aimed at providing students with more opportunities to learn all of the things that a teacher does to organize students, space, time, and materials so that students´ learning can take place effectively and efficiently. Students should be able to exert their maximum potential, which allows students to develop acceptable behavior patterns. Teachers should deal with unpredictable problems and have the ability to control student behavior, using effective classroom management strategies. Effective classroom management and positive classroom climate construction are essential objectives for all teachers. Everything a teacher does has implications for classroom management, including creating the setting, decorating the room, arranging...  [Read more]

Enhancing Listening Skills: Key Considerations for Adult ESL Classes - TEFL Blog

Federico Riva TEFL Information Alumni Experiences Teaching Ideas Listening is possibly the least covered of the four skills needed by ESL learners in most classrooms. As it is a fundamental skill, teachers should try to create as many listening skills lessons as they do for the other three skills: reading, writing, and speaking. Challenges of Listening Compared to Reading The Stages of Listening The Receiving Stage: Hearing and Attending The Understanding Stage: Decoding and Comprehension The Evaluating Stage: Forming Opinions and Thinking Ahead The Remembering Stage: Processing and Storing Information The Responding Stage: Verbal or Written Answers Are you ready to teach English as a foreign language? Related Articles: Check out what our course grads say in our many video testimonials!...  [Read more]

TEFL Costa Rica - ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ Teaching Position In Costa Rica For 2022

Date posted:2021-11-02 | Writer: New Learning Academy | Email: [email protected] New Learning, is a language center where you can learn English, French, Portuguese, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin, German, Russian and Spanish for foreigners. New Learning has 18 years of experience in the market, which guarantees our clients exceptional teaching quality. New Learning Academy is a private well-respected foreign language learning institution that has been in operation for over 20 years. Our online and in-person conversational classes include small groups, private, children, and business classes. We are currently looking for part-time and full-time English teachers to join our dynamic team in the beginning months of 2022. The ideal candidate must be well-organized, professional,...  [Read more]

7 Key Actions Parents Can Do to Help Their Children Learn English - TEFL Blog

Elizaveta Pachina Teaching Ideas Children begin learning from their parents. Parents teach their kids how to walk, how to eat and how to behave. Children learn from their parents as soon as they are born and always look up to their parents as role models. Therefore, parents have a responsibility to be involved in their child's education. Children are more likely to be encouraged if parents take time out of their day to sit down with their child and ask about school. There are many reasons why parents should play an active role in the education process. Attention Connection Interest Reading Rest Learning Process Involvement Listen to this blog post Learn how to help ESL learners in their everyday life. Take a TEFL course! Related Articles: This post was written by our TEFL certification...  [Read more]

TEFL England - ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ Key Stage 2 Teacher England ann. 2

Date posted:2024-03-20 | Writer: Windlesham House School | Email: [email protected] We are looking to appoint an outstanding, inspirational and talented Key Stage 2 teacher to join our thriving school set in the beautiful South Downs. The successful candidate will teach a varied timetable of general subjects and will be expected to play a part in the wider areas of school life. Tasks and duties Teaching and learning  • Carry out teaching duties as required and in accordance with the school’s schemes of work and National Curriculum guidelines  • Liaise with colleagues to deliver units of work in a collaborative way  • Work with Teaching Assistants, class teachers, phase leaders and the Learning Enrichment Department (LED)  • Teach according to the educational...  [Read more]

How to make money as a TEFL teacher - ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ TEFL FAQs

Before we answer this question we will first look at the three most common routes towards TEFL qualifications. A TEFL qualification is usually a prerequisite when looking for TEFL employment of any kind. These are: 1) Online courses: a 120-hour TEFL certificate course is the entry level qualification for most jobs. This type of course is conducted 100% online. 2) In-class courses: this type of course is conducted 100% in-class at a location somewhere in the world. Typically these courses also involve teaching practice. 3) Combined courses: this type of course is conducted by a combination of online study followed by a short in-class attendance to complete teaching practice. Three most common working options What other roles can TEFL teachers move into? School manager/director of studies...  [Read more]

What to Expect from Teaching English Online in 2022 - ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ITTT

hi welcome hello it's the end of 2021 can you believe it it's the last day of the year so thank you so much for joining me on this very special day and taking some time out of your day today to spend it with me i really really appreciate it and i have a very special gift for you today as well um which is um as always if you've watched our live sessions before you do get a 30 discount code right now right here when you're watching so let me share that with you um you can either scan the qr code in the upper right hand corner or you can also use this discounted link looks like this you click on that and you apply you pick the course that you want and then you can get 30 off of that course so um that's a great deal i hope everybody can see me and can hear me clearly um not sure sometimes the...  [Read more]

TEFL Argentina - ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ Secondary English Teacher For 2024

Date posted:2024-03-26 | Writer: St. Andrew's Scots School | Email: [email protected] St. Andrew's Scots School aims to graduate responsible citizens committed to serving Argentina and contributing to its equitable development through a well-balanced, bilingual education, which meets high international standards and fosters a joy for learning. Job details Creating an intentional learning environment for every student: engaging, challenging, relevant and varied to provide every child with the opportunity to flourish, achieve and excel. Designing deep learning tasks and authentic experiences that scaffold thinking and levels of complexity in order to develop the school competencies (creativity, communication, critical thinking, character, collaboration, and citizenship). Using a...  [Read more]

How much does it cost to get TEFL certified online? - ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ TEFL FAQs

Obtaining a TEFL certification online offers flexibility and can be more affordable than in-class courses. While prices can vary widely based on course content and quality, online TEFL courses generally have fewer overheads, making them a cost-effective choice. It is crucial, however, to ensure the course meets international standards, especially if considering options on the lower end of the price spectrum. While the convenience of studying from home and at your own pace is evident, it is essential to prioritize courses that provide comprehensive training and are recognized globally by employers. How much are standard online TEFL courses? How much are advanced-level online TEFL courses? How much are specialized online TEFL courses? How much are multi-course online TEFL course packages? ...  [Read more]

TEFL Italy - ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ Summer Opportunities In Italy 2024 ann. 2

Date posted:2023-11-10 | Writer: International Education Camp | Email: [email protected] International Education Camp is an educational organisation that provides a fun and engaging learning environment where Italian students can totally immerse themselves in the English language.Our programme is a combination of education, games, sports, activities and theatre. Through this full-immersion experience, students improve their English without even knowing it!From the mesmerising hills of Tuscany all the way down to the beautiful coastline of Sicily, our summer camps make a lasting impact on the local communities throughout Italy.We are seeking passionate, enthusiastic, and reliable Camp Counsellors to deliver our English programmes in Italy this Summer!Do you dream of...  [Read more]

Can TEFL work for non-native English speaking teachers? - TEFL Blog

Linda Dunsmore TEFL Information TEFL is considered a career with few opportunities for non-native English speaking teachers as a lot of employers only hire native English speaking teachers. However, with the expansion of TEFL worldwide and the increasing number of individuals ready to get TEFL certified and move abroad to teach, there are also many non-native English speakers who enter the career of TEFL teaching. A TEFL certificate allows teachers to explore the world, break out of their national boundaries while working a rewarding job and earning a competitive salary. Polish Your Portfolio Get TEFL Certified Get to you know the employer Create your teaching portfolio and materials Choose the right location Now it's your turn to get TEFL certified! Related Articles: Listen to this...  [Read more]

How to Optimize Your CV for a Virtual English Teacher Career in 2023 - TEFL Blog

Dorian Martin TEFL Information Teaching Ideas To become a successful virtual English teacher after completing your TEFL course of choice is a matter of presenting your skillset as viable for teaching online. Outline your Qualifications, Competencies and Prior Experiences Properly Do Background Research on the Platform you might Teach On Formatting your CV Properly will make it Stand Out Demonstrate That You're Up-To-Date on Current Trends Attach a Supplemental Cover/Motivational Letter about Yourself Use Keywords Related to Virtual English Teaching Gather Testimonials, Reviews or Recommendations from Past Experiences List of the Technology you have Available for Virtual Teaching The Advantages of Optimizing your CV as a Virtual English Teacher in 2023 Summary Are you ready to teach...  [Read more]

What To Expect From Teaching English Online In 2022 - ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ITTT

  There's a lot of misinformation out there about teaching English online - but what is really going on? Our TEFL expert Linda is going to share all the facts about teaching English online in 2022 with you so that you are prepared for your new career! #TEFL #BestTEFL #TeachEnglish Are you ready to teach English abroad or online? Click here and get started today: What is TEFL Certification? Where is it valid: Check out our wide range of TEFL Courses: Teach English online from anywhere you want: Register now & get certified to teach english abroad!  [Read more]

Will motivated students learn more English? - TEFL Blog

Linda Dunsmore Alumni Experiences There is little doubt that students who are interested, involved and motivated are easier to teach. Motivated students are forthcoming and attentive, the class flows easily, and there is more response and creativity during activities. So, with a class full of motivated kids, we find our English class is more fun. But does that mean the students can learn as much? The level of motivation is tied to the teacher's response. Motivated students are more eager to learn. How to motivate your students Are you ready to teach English as a foreign language? Related Articles: Listen to this blog post This post was written by our TEFL certification graduate Melanie S. In many countries, in fact, in many traditional schools across the world, grammar drilling,...  [Read more]

The Best Countries for Teaching English in 2021 - TEFL Blog

Linda Dunsmore Destinations TEFL Information Welcome to another live session. My name is Linda from ITTT and you can find me on social media at @lindagoeseast. Thanks for tuning in, let me just see that everything's working. If you can see me and if you can hear me, please leave a comment as always. Watch the live session here Let's get right into it: The best countries for teaching English in 2021. The demand for English language instruction. 300 million people are learning and speaking English and China alone. 50% of teachers teaching abroad stay a second year. Why should you go to teach in China? Does our nationality affect our chances of working in China? So, this is a question that we always get a lot: Do you need to know the language of the country that you want to go to and teach...  [Read more]

TEFL Middle East - ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ English Teacher Aug 2024 Start Riyadh

Date posted:2024-04-16 | Writer: Atlas Teachers | Email: [email protected] English Teacher Aug 2024 start Riyadh An educational company with American and British and American schools in Saudi Arabia are seeking Secondary Teachers for English. Experience teaching in a UK / USA curriculum School in the host country is essential. You must hold a European Union North American Australasian or South African passport. Interviews to be held over SKYPE please contact us for a more detailed job description Atlas Teachers will allocate your own experienced consultant who will provide full support advice and guidance through the selection and recruitment process. Please forward your CV or call for more information about these great opportunities. Requirements Bachelor's degree in a relevant...  [Read more]

TEFL Italy - ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ Efl Teacher Needed For February 2024 In Venice Italy ann. 2

Date posted:2023-10-30 | Writer: My English School | Email: [email protected] MyES has 50 schools across Italy, France and Spain. We are proud to be an innovative leader in the world of EFL, to be a fun and friendly place to work and study, and above all a place where people, MyES students and MyES team members, come first.We currently have a position (approximately 20 hours per week) with a start date of February 2024 at our school in Venice (Mestre), Italy.Core Responsibilities:• Teach classes using MyES Materials and Communicative Method.• Teach approximately 20 hours per week. Some teaching on Saturdays normally required.• Insert results for every student after class (on the same day)• Write follow-up comments for students to help track their progress• Report any student...  [Read more]

First LIVE TEFL And TESOL Q&A Of 2022! - ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ITTT

  Join us live and ask us your most burning questions about teaching English, TEFL/TESOL, and everything in between! #TEFL #BestTEFL #TeachEnglish Are you ready to teach English abroad or online? Click here and get started today: What is TEFL Certification? Where is it valid: Check out our wide range of TEFL Courses: Teach English online from anywhere you want: Register now & get certified to teach english abroad!  [Read more]

TEFL Peru - ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ Esl Teachers Needed In Cusco Peru For A January 2023 Start ann. 2

Date posted:2022-10-24 | Writer: Maximo Nivel | Email: [email protected] Maximo Nivel offers the leading ESL program in Latin America with institutes in Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Peru. We are looking for great ESL teachers to join our teaching team in Cusco, Peru. Maximo Nivel is well known for our "Native English Program," our professionalism, and our dedication to excellent teaching and great client service. We are a hard-working and professional group—and these are the kind of teachers we look for.POSITIONESL teachers teach 30 contact hours per week, Monday - Friday. Class size is limited to 12 learners. Most teachers teach a range of levels from Basic to Advanced. The majority of our learners are young adults, 18-30 years old, and some teens.We pride ourselves on our teachers,...  [Read more]

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