What to Expect from teaching english online in 2022


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um so today's session is about what to know
about um teaching english online so uh teaching age online continues to
be extremely extremely popular um also in the new year i have a couple of uh
stats statistics and numbers for you about the development
um for teaching english online we're also going to talk about um you know
some tips step by step how you can get started some things about the online efl
industry and how it is going to develop um some predictions for 2022
and all that good stuff so um yeah let me just switch back to um this over here
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today's live session is all about uh teaching english online right that's
why we are here today that's what we're gonna talk about what you should know about teaching online in 2022 because
let me tell you 2021 there have been a couple of changes that are going to affect
um the situation in the new year and that's what we're going to talk about today
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great okay so let's have a look at what we're going to talk about today on the agenda
today first we're going to talk a little bit about the basics of teaching online
uh and the requirements to teach online then we have we're gonna have a look at
uh the online efl market 2022 trends we're also going to talk a little bit
about the pros and the cons of teaching online and then how to get started step by step and then at the end the top tips
we're gonna put it all together um and i'm gonna share the top tips for um teaching online in 2022
so that's what we're going to do today um usually the live sessions uh last or
take between 45 minutes and an hour but you can always come back and watch the replay
so you don't need to um stay all the way if you don't have enough time uh all of our live sessions are saved in
our playlists on facebook and on youtube so you can browse those we've talked about many many different topics before
we've been doing live sessions weekly live sessions uh for over a year now so
very very it's been very very interesting actually
and we have a lot of different topics in our playlist so do check that out okay then
let's have a look at the first topic the first point on our agenda which is the basics
of teaching english online okay so uh let's have a look
first of all i i picked four questions that are like the most asked questions about teaching online but people who are
just starting who don't really have a lot of um ideas about the topic so what does teaching um
online involve right so teaching online involves either one-to-one or group lessons i would say
most of the time you only teach one-on-one one-to-one only with one student but there's also platforms or
other scenarios where you have group lessons um that's also possible
um these uh lessons are obviously delivered online that's what makes it online teaching and either via skype or
zoom or a different platform some teaching platforms they actually use their in-house platforms
um but some other platforms they also use zoom or skype so those are the most common ones
who can do it really anyone with a tefl most of the time a tefl is required but also not all
the time actually um but i listed it here um as a requirement because i'm gonna talk about
that later why it is important now to have it especially now a webcam
and a reliable wi-fi connection they can anyone who has those three can easily
get started why teach online for most people it's just the fact that
they can work from anywhere in the world um so your home or uh people who also
travel the world and they kind of do like a digital nomad kind of situation
uh that's very appealing to those kinds of people and people who want to take command of their own schedule
uh they don't they don't want to go to an office work nine to five they kind of want to accept their own hours and um
have more control over their working hours uh for those kinds of people teaching online is great
and then um this last question here do i need to be a native speaker to teach english online no
it is totally possible to teach english online as a non-native english speaker and actually my colleague lisa who also
does our live sessions every tuesday most of the time she is a non-native english teacher and she's been teaching
english online very successfully for a couple of years now and she also had a lot of great um
life sessions about that topic so i recommend checking out her live sessions as well
good so those are the basics let's move on and the requirements so what do you need
to teach english online so we kind of already talked a little bit about that i just want to expand a little bit so i
mentioned a tefl tesol qualification certification and uh also not just any certification
it needs to be at least 120 hours which is the international standard just the
same as if you wanted to teach um abroad in the classroom
for school and also very important from an accredited course provider very important
if you google tefl course you're gonna come about a thousand results maybe um not all of
those are actually from accredited internationally accepted recognized
companies so it's very important to do your research and really pick the ones that are accredited have accreditations
you can easily find that you should be uh able to easily find that on the
website so on itt's website we have it in our menu up there it says itttt
accreditation affiliation and you can read all about that there so that's something to look out for
and it's also very beneficial to take a specialized course that focuses on how
to teach english online and uh iitt also offers that and i actually took this course last year i
think yeah 2020 when it came out and it's a really really great course and i started
teaching online after that and it really helped me so i recommend that and with today's 30
off um even if you already have the 120 hour this is a really uh cheap way actually
to um to get the additional certificate
so uh yeah then number two the right equipment
so you will either need a laptop or pc computer with a webcam and a good
headset um or absolute must most of the time because um the sound is not that great
if you're not using a headset and when teaching a language you need to really be able to um
bring bring across that correct pronunciation and the better your headset the better that's gonna
work um you also need to make sure that your lighting is good don't sit in like a dark room
um and also a variety of different props are great especially when teaching
children so you could have like a white board or some kind of toys or flash cards something like that
other requirements so some platforms they actually require their teachers to have a degree
some don't um then again good fast internet connection is a must
and i've also come across one though only one i've come up i've personally come across a teaching platform that
actually also required a background check so that really depends on the platform
and then i have a question about um experience so
constantina um is asking about what about experience i don't have any fauzon also experience is my nightmare
for teaching english online most of the time no experience is required
so um i'm gonna share with you some teaching platforms later on where you can see whether or not
teaching experience is required most of the time really it is not required and
you can just start um so
all right and fazan is asking is there a practice training possibility and how much would it cost to answer once you
finish please okay now i actually uh i can answer that right away we do have that on our
website and that's actually a great um question here and let me just find it
um i believe it is in the specialized
courses section
one second
yes i found it okay all right and i'm gonna add my um
discount link to this link real quick so that um that you can also if you click on this
link you also get the discount just give me one minute okay got it so this one is called certificate
of teaching practice recognition and this is no don't be sorry for interrupting that's great that fits in
here perfectly so that's great okay so you click on this link and then
you'll see information to that course so this is a course that um basically
um is proof of your teaching skills right um and so if you don't have any
experience this would be a great addition to your portfolio because it's a certificate
from us to certify you and your teaching skills your practical teaching skills so
yeah go and check that out and you can also get 30 off of that one
okay so i think those were all on the requirements right now it's definitely not as strict as teaching english abroad
in some regions so um yeah it's just important that you um
have the right equipment computer laptop good internet connection good light i also have a light here actually look
without my light it would be very dark so good lighting is very important and this is just
literally a lamp i do have a ring light in korea at home but even just a good lamb see it's it's
so it's such a difference let me turn it off real quick wait it's not up all the way so this is
off look how uh dark i am and now just by using the
simple lamp um you can really improve um your picture right with just a lamp
so it doesn't even have to be expensive equipment okay
banky i hope i'm saying that right is asking is the whiteboard and props flashcards necessary we'll provide it by
tefl or i have to get myself good question so it depends on the teaching platform that you are working for
some platforms they will provide all the material to you but some other platforms they don't so
in that case you need to actually get that yourself but it's something that you know you just get over time you
wouldn't get everything at one time um it's something that you can just kind of
build over time so but yeah it depends on the platform that you work for
okay good questions guys and also don't forget um the mentee
we still only have growth on here i would really love to see some other words as well so just go to
and use code 1621740 and put in one word you're going to
focus on in 2022 and then by the end of the session hopefully there would be
more uh words just grow thanks
anyway back to this uh let's see so
yeah so now we're going to talk about the online efo market in 2022 what are some new things what do you need to know
what's happening okay so first of all four key things that you
should know the one the first thing is that according to the british council there are over two billion english speakers
around the world and combine this with this second fact here that the increase
in internet access so um around the world there's more than 4.5 billion active internet users that
is 60 percent of the world's population and this numbers also growing so you have more english learners
and more internet access so combine those two and you have the online learning boom
especially the online english learning boom so more and more people have moved their
lan their learning online especially language learning
um [Music] so this uh change has driven demand for
online english teachers um especially last year in the last two years you know since the
pandemic obviously and it's continuing into 2022 but that also means that now
it's a very competitive market there's never been more people looking for online work and that is due to many
reasons um three of them are listed here one is rising unemployment um also the desire for remote working
and the importance of people's work life balance is increasing
um and they are switching over to online work so um those are the things the four
big things um to keep in mind um
yeah for the next year and then you will be better able to fine-tune and know exactly
uh how to apply where to apply and how to um get the most out of teaching english
online then this is also one big thing
uh we need to address because this has really shaped um the
online efl market and it is going to continue into next year so china's private
tutoring bin i have done a live session about this in the past so i think many
of you have actually seen that if you haven't seen that um you can go back into in our playlist and search for that
because it's very important especially if you want to teach english online i highly recommend watching this one
because that's i think the biggest thing that's going to affect online teaching in 2022
if you have no idea what i'm talking about let me refresh your memory a little bit so china's private tutoring
ban it was introduced in july august of this year and it is a new um
law in china called opinions on further reducing the burden of homework and extracurricular
training for students so this was introduced by the chinese government to
um yeah to lift or reduce the burden of their students and children in the
country because uh extracurricular after school schools
um and english education is incredibly important and very competitive over there and um
yeah children as young as two or three years old were um or are being taken to
attend english classes um and it's just a lot of stress and the
chinese government wants to do something about that and that's where this ban comes in and it affects students from
grades one through nine and essentially it bans tutoring on not
only english but also chinese and math late at night on weekends and during
school breaks and that's where it really hits the efl
market it prohibits hiring foreigners based outside of the country
and the thing with that is that there are so many uh chinese online teaching
platforms and they all hired native speakers from north america or
europe australia new zealand um and now from one day to the next a lot
of these people lost their job those teachers because they could no longer work there because they were not in
china they were hired or they are based outside of china so they had to stop
working and so we have seen a huge decline many of these platforms actually
went out of business and all that and that's uh what you just need to know
and react to it so basically you should no longer choose uh to work for chinese
online companies because maybe they're not even hiring or it's just an uncertain situation
so that's why i have for you these 20 non-chinese online teaching companies that you can work for in 2022 so those
are not affected at all by this regulation this is only for chinese companies and these um
companies are not chinese so i have shared this before
um so i think many of you have already um seen this link i just want to share it again for those
who are watching for the first time or maybe someone um doesn't have it anymore
so what you would do and i'm just gonna
i'm just gonna share my screen with this sheet as well so i can show you better
so yeah so you click on the link i just shared in the comment section which is
this google docs link spreadsheets link click on that
and then you will see this um sheet right here and then what you would do is you would
go to file make where is it oh here make a copy and then you can make your own copy okay
and then you can edit this sheet you can you know make notes or whatever um
color it highlight certain companies so here you would have the company names
and then here you also have the different additional information so what the hourly rate is
if they provide less material but the students do you need a degree or not
um are there any minimum hours per week required is there a tefl required do
they accept non-native speakers and previous teaching experience required so as you can see many of those none none
preferred none um actually don't need teaching experience
so um those are the ones that because people were just asking about if you need experience as you can see there
are many that actually do not um require experience so you would apply to
those according to those um requirements here
so yeah i hope that makes sense i hope uh someone here will be able to use this
i've shared it a couple of times in the past i'm sure that most of you might already have this so i don't want to
spend too much time on that right now but yeah that's uh what that is
i'm just gonna close that and i'm gonna bring this back
okay so that was that and then let's talk a little bit about why you
should become an online teacher in 2022 so what are some reasons why people become online teachers and if um you
know this is if it's for you then maybe this is a career path that would be good for you
so the first thing is that is it is a new career direction
for many people so a lot of people who actually become online english teachers they were not working in this field
before um and they were looking for a new challenge so this is a great way to go
about that maybe also 2022 the new year new career you want something new and
different this is a great way to maybe tap into secondly it is a great way to supplement
your income um either supplement your income or also put all of that extra earned money into
a savings account for the future or for some kind of goal you have great for that
um thirdly it's a great uh new lifestyle it's an opportunity to
experience a whole new online lifestyle home office lifestyle you can you can
make your own hours you decide when you work or when you don't work obviously so this
is a great way to do that if that's what you're looking for and lastly it is an
exciting side hustle so um if maybe your main job is something where you're not
really dealing with a lot of people um then this could be an exciting side
hustle because you mean you meet a lot of new and interesting people from all over the world so it could be a great balance
right and that's something we've seen especially in our generation in this new um century right
um that a lot of people don't only have just one job but they actually have two or more jobs because they uh pick
and choose the benefits of each job so um if your first job isn't really um is
maybe dry and not with a lot of people then this could be a great addition to feed that need that's what i'm trying to
say i hope i make sense um again if you have any questions throughout this if i'm not making a lot of sense
or if you want to add something to it feel free and ask your questions in the comments um i always like to have a
conversation with everybody here so um don't be shy especially today i'm like
in a inspirational mood for the new year right
so maybe now is a great um time to just quickly check into our minty meter again
let's see there's a new word here oh there's only growth again
guys i thought this would be a really cool thing to do today but it seems like you
guys are not up for it today if you are please um that'd be great
if you want to help out if you want to add your thoughts to this i would really really
appreciate it i think it's great uh way to engage and um tell us to think about
you know what do you want from 2022 what yeah what do you want from 2022 just one
word or i think it can also be a couple of words i think
one thing you're going to focus on in day 2.
okay all right found on ah fauzon is saying i don't want to miss anything here so if you could give us a brief
description of what will be in the practicing course you just mentioned yeah i might i shared the link so i
would recommend just reading that with all the details after this live
session and then you can also um contact our course
uh team course consultants because they will know a lot more about this course than i do unfortunately but um it is a
30 hour certification um so yeah
go ahead and check that out and it is 99 and then you can get an extra 30 off of that as well so
yeah okay nice then let's turn this off
and get this back okay great so those were the things that if this is
what you're looking for those four things which is one of those things teaching english online could be a great
um thing for you to try out next up yeah let's talk a little bit
about this more prose we already just mentioned a couple of the pros um but let's also talk a little bit
about the cons of course there's also cons so let's have a look pros and cons equally distributed on the
screen here so we just mentioned both of these pros so we have flexible working
we have a great work life balance good earning potential because again the more you work the more you earn you it really
it's in your hands um it's also a great way to get started in tefl so if
for example your actual goal is to later go to a different country to teach
teaching online can be a great stepping stone for that to gain experience um
it's also that the startup costs are very small compared to teaching english abroad
because you need to actually move abroad there's a lot of cost involved with that but with teaching online uh not really
you save money because of this because you don't actually need to go anywhere you don't have any uh computing costs or
uh you need red space or whatever this is all just in your home in your computer in your
laptop and you can also take holidays whenever you want pretty much
on the con side we have variable income so one month
could be this the next month could be less it's not really predictable on most platforms because um
you're typically paid by the hour and um you're not going to have the same amount of classes likely every month so
it's it's not going to be the same income every month um also there's a lot of loneliness
involved um yes and no i would say because loneliness in a sense that you are working at home
and there are no other people with you however your students are certainly there and you interact with people but
virtually um then staying healthy is another thing because you're not really moving a lot
right so if you're just working on your computer the whole day but this i mean goes with any office job really um
well you just need to find a balance to get more exercise
then we also have the danger of always working so when you're working from home
um there's no real separation right normally if you have an office if you have somewhere to go it's clearly
separated but if you're working at home online your home is also your workplace
so sometimes it can be hard to separate and then there's a danger of always working if your students are always
reaching out to you on skype or what have you or your schedule you have the whole day
available for students um so that's a thing to look out for but you can manage
that slow to start and we're gonna talk a little bit more about that also later
but um it takes some time to build your online teaching presence it doesn't happen
overnight so for me i've mentioned this before but it probably took about three to four
months to get a stable amount of regular students and to sort of have a similar income
every month from that so it just takes time you need to build it up tech issues is the next thing tech
issues so more often than not this can happen you know bad connection
um i've had this happen especially during bad weather or you know your students might have an
issue you have a issue with you know audio video whatever it may be screen
sharing doesn't work so there's a lot of that unreliable students can also happen more
often than not they book classes you prepare for them but then they don't show up which is annoying
and um you might have to work really late or really early depending on where your students are located and where you
are located right so we actually had this issue with um
chinese teaching platforms where you teach chinese students but most of the teachers were based in north america so
they actually had to get up really early or teach um at night and sort those
sorts of things so it might kind of mess up your schedule so that's why it's important to do your research about the
different teaching platforms and then pick the one that kind of fits and matches your own lifestyle and
schedule basically okay i hope that makes sense um i think they're all pretty uh straightforward
those things but um just wanted to mention them nonetheless
and then we have uh yeah let's talk a little bit about the money so how much
um [Music] how much can you actually earn okay good question let me go back i just want to
go back to gabriel's question here so linda how about making a contract to avoid those students so to avoid
unreliable students if they don't show up so actually with my teaching platform
where i work um if there is a no show i can decide if i
charge them so i can charge them a hundred percent fifty percent or zero
um and so most teaching platforms will kind of have this kind of thing which is great
so um but it's still annoying um i might i might still get my money but
it's it still annoys me when people don't show up obviously but usually it will be in your hands if you charge them
or not so yeah just wanted to mention that real quick because of it here
all right then let's talk a little bit about the money so can you earn a full-time wage
teaching english online in 2022 so yes you can um but it depends on
um your stuff how much time do you have how much time do you want to work how
many hours do you want to work et cetera so the everly average hourly rate is 15 to 30 us dollars and so if you
work for a teaching platform it's going to be on the lower side if you um work independently on your own
website you can obviously set your own price you can set it even higher than this but um you know you need to keep it in
the competitive range where you're not going to get any students and also keep in mind what i already
said it will take a bit of time to build up a student base so conservatively
between three and six months i think it took three or four months for me
um there's a couple things you can do you can offer like discounts in the beginning um
yeah so um yes it is possible and i know many
people who are actually doing this and this is a full-time gig for them
but it also involves a lot of teaching obviously but you decide when you work
when you don't work and how much your rate is typically so
and gabrielle is asking do you recommend any platform yeah so i just recommended
those 20 that i showed you um a couple of minutes ago in this sheet those are all the ones that i recommend
um because it always depends on you know your background the requirements for this platform etc
but all of those 20 on the sheet that i just shared earlier this one here i recommend
okay good then what else do we have here yeah how
to get started good so how do you get started teaching english online five
steps first one pretty easy here get tefl tesol certified okay so you get
your certificate you work through the units you get certified because even though the sheet
i showed you not every platform actually requires a tefl certificate
but as i already told you 2022 is um especially competitive there's
never been before there's never before been um that many people looking for online work
so the more certifications you have the better
the next step would be to choose a suitable platform i gave you the sheet
20 recommended non-chinese platforms where you don't need to worry about the
new regulations in china you pick one and also um to maximize your earning
potential you can you know work for more than one you're not just you're not married to one platform you can pick two
platforms three platforms totally up to you the next step then would be to set up
your profile and also film an intro video most of the platforms will require you to have an
intro video for your students and if they don't and there is an option to add
a video i always recommend doing that because it's just um i think a huge
plus um to have an intro video so um
because the student will be able to watch you watch the video see your um your vibe
your your personality so i think intro video is super important
and then you would um you would have a teaching interview with someone
from the teaching platform normally after you have set up your profile they will just have a chat with you sometimes
they also want um to see a bit of your teaching style
sometimes you also have to actually send them a teaching video of yourself that
can also happen um so that's typically how it goes and then hopefully you pass this interview
and then you are green lighted and you can start teaching online so this these
are the five steps that you would normally go through um
pretty much on every platform it's kind of the same on every platform and it's it's pretty straightforward they would
exactly tell you what to do most of the time there is an interview you schedule
your interview and then when you pass your profile will be live and students
can book you good so now i hope this is not too small
but um my personal tips for you guys especially for teaching online in 2022
first one we have is make sure to do your tefl course with an accredited and
established provider i already mentioned this before um tefl is very important especially in
22 2022 with all um the competition going on
um so pick a provider that's accredited that has experience it's been around for a long time
um like itttt and we give you 30 percent off today just want to mention that
again and i'm just going to share this 30 percent off link again
just i know some people you know joining later they didn't they didn't watch the whole thing obviously so if somebody
didn't um see the link i just want to paste it into the in the comment section again so
you can take advantage of it looks like this and you get 30 percent off itt has been around for more than 25 years we
are accredited um affiliated with lots of different uh so uh institutions
um yeah so we are an established provider so if you
choose a tefl course from itt you are definitely going to be on the safe side
here next thing to consider is additional training to help you stand
out particularly if you aren't a native speaker or you don't have a degree
and especially for 2022 where everything is more competitive the more um yeah
certifications you have this could be um this could be additional specialized
tefl courses that you can also find on our website teaching online course teaching business english teaching young
learners all of those courses are really really great also especially for non-native speakers
who want to be teachers at english um certificate and that is um
actually one of the the next points i'm not going to say that now but um yeah
lots of ways to add to your professional portfolio there then you should also prioritize gaining
experience especially if you're just starting out so that means working for
less than is ideal at the start and that's also what i did one of the ways to get um students and reviews most of
the teaching platforms the students will actually leave reviews after your class
so you want to get reviews if in the beginning if you want to get reviews you
need to get students right how do you get students if you don't have any reviews you offer classes for cheap right so
that's what i did i offered i looked at what the other teachers are charging and then i made my prices lower
and then i got my first students and i got a i got good reviews i got more students and then over time
i then raised my prices again but then those students that i had that liked me
we had good rapport um stayed and um are also paying higher
prices now so that's how it typically works um to get started and then this is the
point i just mentioned so if you are a non-native english speaker you should make sure you have evidence of
proficiency so for example an ielts score or a tefl or a cambridge
certificate anything like that typically for on english teaching platforms you will be able to add certificates to your
profile so you would usually submit a scanned version of your certificate the people
from the platform will check that and then it will be added to your profile usually so the more you have obviously
the better it's going to look on your profile next point i think this is the most
important point because a lot of people just think oh i sign up i fill up my profile and then i start earning
understand that it takes some time to build up hours and a student base right
i mentioned this now a couple of times it takes time it doesn't have to happen overnight
um so be patient here that's the next point persevere it
will pay off eventually it might take a couple of months um so that's why it's also a good idea
if you want to do this full time to kind of start out while you still have other income coming
in if you can obviously um so that by the point you want to do it full time and the other income
doesn't come in anymore you have established a regular student base
and as always if you have any questions or you need some advice you can always
get in touch with our knowledgeable tefl advisors via email that is courses at
tesol minus any questions you might have
reach out we're here for you because there is no one size fits all when it
comes to tefl or teaching english online so there you go
hey casper good morning how are you doing yes i just mentioned that actually earlier and i shared a link we do have a
practicum and um let me share that with you again um
so you also see that and you can also get a 30 off discount with this link so
go and check it out looks like this i see you're watching on youtube on facebook so it will be in the comments
it looks like this click on that and you can read more information about that and if you have any questions hit us up via
email at any time okay this is the end now
so uh q a now couple more minutes i have time today
before i sign off so now is your time to um ask any questions either related to the
topic today about teaching online or something else about teaching abroad tefl teasol
anything else go ahead and ask um and then we can have a chat
and maybe bring in the new year is it is it already uh midnight somewhere maybe
is there someone watching where it's midnight in five minutes i really know want to know i'm curious
here i'm in germany right now it's three almost 3 p.m so
we still have a while to go but what about you guys
and what are you doing today let me know and any other questions you have obviously for today so let me know if
you don't have any questions um that's also good that means i fulfilled
my job for today in um answering mentioning all the most important things so
that also makes me happy either way
do let me know now is your opportunity the last time in 2021 that we are live
for you and i'm so grateful that so many people today decided to
stay and spend a little bit of time of your day today with me
all right so casper said says is it a certified course institutions seem to
want to see the curriculum first before we start
okay what does that mean institutions seem to want to see the curriculum first before we start
so are you referring to this practicum course or the normal standard tesla
course [Music]
it's so all of our courses at itt are certified
accredited all over the world um so yeah
i hope that helps
also um for more information about all the details of the courses um
you can also do that via email so
this is the service provider do you mean the online teaching platform
or what service provider
we are uh so we are the tefl course provider itt right
and our courses are all credited certified recognized all over the world etc
oh let's herg hi so nice to see you he says thank you linda i've learned much from this live session
particularly your tips for teaching online this 2022 happy new year yay i'm so happy about that yay happy new year
glad very glad and thanks so much for watching happy new year
awesome good okay i also prepared a little um happy new
year for all of you let me just show you yeah from itt a happy new year
2022 i'm so happy that you decided to spend a bit of your new year's eve with
me today and i hope you learned something interesting we will be back again in the new year
obviously again and um let me see that one more time nice
fireworks [Music] yeah so uh we'll be back again next week
hopefully uh probably i'm not sure about uh what i'm gonna talk about yet but um it's
gonna be another interesting and insightful session i hope and until then
i'm gonna wish you a happy new year and um may all your wishes come true
may uh 2022 be a great year for you um and i hope that maybe
itttt will be a part of that so maybe if you are not yet certified 2022 is a
great opportunity and new year is a great opportunity to start your teaching career and i hope that our
30 off discount um today might help you
move a little bit closer to that goal and um yeah i hope then
that i'm gonna see you again and i think i'm gonna sign off now because i start rambling and we don't want that so um
yeah thanks so much for today and i hope to all to see you all again next week
and thanks so much for your questions and all of your support all the time
so thank you guys and see you then