TEFL Courses with ITTT

Our 4-week, in-class TEFL courses are currently offered in over 40 locations, in approximately 30 countries across six continents.

The locations of our courses meet the growing demand for TEFL Certification, and demand for English language teachers in these cities, countries and continents.

The composition of the course remains the same in all our TEFL locations, while the course and accommodation fees vary slightly from course to course.

For further information on each country where we offer our TEFL Course, please choose a link below to discover more. Within each country page, there are further links for specific information, which go into details regarding the location, the accommodation we offer and dates and fees. These pages, combined with other resources on the site, should help you reach a decision on your TEFL Course location.

5-Day Combined TEFL/TESOL courses USA and Canada

The main features of the 60-hour TEFL International 5-day course are the same across all our training centers:

  • 35 hours of in-class instructor-led lectures and teacher training.
  • 20 hours of reading plus exam to be completed after the course at the student’s convenience (offsite training and exam must be completed before the certificate is awarded).
  • Five hours of out-of-class creative lesson planning, presentation preparation, reading and exercises during the training (this will be onsite or offsite or a combination of both).

Upon completion of all aspects of the course, you will receive the 60-hour TEFL International TESOL Foundation Certificate. The in-class section of the course is typically* scheduled as follows:

  • Wed, Thu, Fri: (5.30 p.m. – 10 p.m.)
  • Sat, Sun: (9.00 a.m. – 5.00 p.m.)

* Class times may vary slightly at some centers

Where to attend your TEFL Course

Many of our trainee teachers remain in the city where they learn their new teaching skills, while some travel to other parts of the country or another country. Where you teach English after your TEFL Course depends on a combination of factors, such as where you would like to teach, how much time you have before you have to begin employment and employment prospects at the time of year.

Asia, South America and Europe consistently show a huge demand for ITTT graduates and you are all but guaranteed a paid teaching position within these continents. We run courses in India and with the booming service industry there, and the need for fluent English speakers, we have found there is a growing demand for English language teachers, and what was once a 'volunteer' orientated job market, it is fast becoming a paid EFL jobs market.

Most course participants have a good idea of where they would like to teach after the course and it is a good idea to attend your TEFL Course in a location, which is at, or close to, your preferred teaching destination.

We do not offer the course in some countries where the demand for qualified English language teachers is huge. This isn't really a problem. We do offer our TEFL Course in locations within all continents where demand for TEFL teachers is high, and where travel to jobs teaching English is low cost and readily available.

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