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Which TEFL Certification Course is Right for You?

Which TEFL Certification Course is Right for You? | ITTT | TEFL Blog

When looking into completing a TEFL Certification Course there are two options that one may choose to complete to obtain one, an online course or an onsite course. They are many opportunities to teach English overseas and nearly any English speaker can be hired abroad, with or without experience and a degree or certificate.

This post was written by our TEFL certification graduate Dana A. Please note that this blog post might not necessarily represent the beliefs or opinions of ITTT.

Recruitment Peculiarities

However, schools and other outlets prefer to hire train teachers and not just someone who speaks English as their native language, which is why choosing the correct TEFL Certification Course and how you choose to take it is important. There are many factors one can consider when choosing their path to obtain a TEFL certification to teach English abroad. By earning an accredited TEFL Certification It will allow you to find the best opportunities and make sure you are prepared to handle any task that might come your way as an ESL teacher.

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Course Cost

One of the factors to consider when looking into a TEFL Certification is finances. This is one major factor that may determine whether you can travel overseas or domestically for an onsite course or if having an online course would be more cost-effective for you. Onsite classes are generally more costly because you have the fees for the course and expenses that come with travel, lodging, and food. A second factor to consider is timing and schedules.

Firstly, it depends on a person’s availability, if you can take a long period off to devote to the certification and have the financial resources to do so then it may be the best choice, however, if it is impossible then online is a great option. Onsite courses are generally completed in four weeks compared to the online courses that take around 11 to 12 weeks, so if you are in a time crunch then onsite would be the best option. An onsite course will also be a full-time course generally compared to an online course that is part-time and flexible.

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Learning Approach

A third factor to consider when deciding which type of TEFL Certification Course to utilize is a personal learning style. Some people may be more of a structured, full time, and face to face type person while others may be a better option for a person who has other commitments as well. Both online and onsite classes offer an important interaction between you, other classmates and professors. The last factor to consider is the interviewing process for teaching positions Some jobs are available in the such as in the Middle East or Asian countries that require you to interview in advance in your home country, wherein some other countries they may hire you in that same country.

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In general, a TEFL Certification Course is geared towards providing you with the skills and an internationally accredited certification which enables you to be able to be hired to teach English in a wide variety of countries. The path on how you choose, whether an online or an onsite location is purely a decision based on the specific person and the path that best meets your needs. Experience is key and some resources are beneficial whether online or onsite, the main purpose is to acquire this certification so that you can teach English and reach people across the globe.

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