Is there TEFL certification near me?

Our in-class TEFL certification courses are available in a variety of locations around the world, and there might even be one near you. This type of course is very popular as many trainees find it more productive to be taught in person by an experienced teacher trainer rather than having to work through the course materials alone.

In-class TEFL course basics

ITTT in-class TEFL courses run for a period of four weeks and attendance is typically required from Monday to Friday. Each day will include a variety of input lessons and on some days you will also teach your practice lessons. Weekends are usually free so you can take the time to explore the local area, socialize with your classmates, or simply relax and prepare for the following week's study. The opportunity to meet new people is a big attraction of this method of study and many people find the camaraderie created among the study group makes the learning process easier and more enjoyable than independent study.

TEFL In-class Courses

In-class TEFL course trainers

At ITTT we only hire highly-qualified teachers who have many years of experience in different types of EFL classrooms in different international environments. Being able to ask questions and to get clarification on individual points from someone you know has the answers can make a huge difference to the learning process. If you join one of our in-class TEFL certification courses you can rest assured that your training will be led by some of the best trainers in the business.

In-class TEFL course teaching practice

Our classroom based TEFL course includes several hours of real teaching practice where you get to use all you have learned during your input classes. The input classes cover a wide range of EFL subjects, from teaching methodologies to classroom management. You can then practice your new teaching skills in an authentic EFL classroom containing genuine English language learners. You will plan each practice lesson under the watchful eye of a course trainer who will then observe your lesson and conduct a full debrief upon its conclusion. This approach allows you to develop your teaching skills in a safe and supportive environment before you head off to your first teaching job.

Can non native English speakers take a TEFL course?

In-class TEFL course accommodation

If you are lucky you might find we have a TEFL training center near you, however, in most cases our trainees travel to a center of their choice and then stay in local accommodation. At every training center we can recommend a variety of accommodation options, many at discounted rates. We fully inspect every option to ensure your stay is both safe and comfortable. Our accommodation options vary with each location, but are generally one of the following:

  • Hotel
  • Bed & breakfast
  • Homestay
  • Shared apartment
  • Budget hostel

In-class TEFL course locations

Unfortunately, we are unable to operate our training centers in every country, but we do have a wide range of locations to choose from. We currently have over twenty international centers running in Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas. Most are located in areas where there is a particularly high demand for TEFL qualified teachers and with the help of our staff you should be able to find a suitable job if you want to stay on after the course concludes. This can be an excellent way to get your teaching career started and once you have got some practical teaching experience to go with your TEFL certificate there should be nothing to stand in your way.

Etiquette Europe

In-class TEFL course locations in Europe

If you dream of studying and working in Europe, we have several great in-class locations to choose from in the following countries:

  • The Czech Republic
  • France
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Spain

Italy is one of the most popular destinations for overseas teachers in the region which is why we have two great training centers offering the perfect start to your European adventure. Our centers are located in the capital Rome and in the cultural hotspot of Florence.

If you want to start your teaching journey in beautiful Spain, you can enroll in a course at our Barcelona center which is right in the heart of one of the biggest markets for EFL teachers in Europe. We also have a training center on the beautiful island of Gran Canaria in the Canary Islands.

Other options in Europe include Paris, France where you can study in one of the world’s most romantic and exciting capitals. You should take a close look at our center in Prague, as the Czech capital is widely regarded as one of the best cities in Europe for teaching English. Our final option in the European region is Leipzig, Germany, a city recently voted the most livable in Germany.

Etiquette Asia

In-class TEFL course locations in Asia

This region contains some of the biggest markets for English teachers anywhere in the world and we have training centers in some great locations, including:

  • Cambodia
  • Japan
  • Nepal
  • South Korea
  • Thailand
  • Vietnam

Our centers in Seoul, South Korea and Tokyo, Japan both offer an exciting training course and a good entry point into the local job scene. Bangkok, Thailand and Phonom Penh, Cambodia are two more bustling cities that provide a great home for our training courses and those looking for a more laidback location are unlikely to be disappointed if they choose our center in Phuket, Thailand. We also have popular training courses in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and Kathmandu, Nepal.

Etiquette Latina America

In-class TEFL course locations in the Americas

The Americas is another great choice for your in-class TEFL training and we have centers in countries right across the region, including:

  • Argentina
  • Colombia
  • Costa Rica
  • Guatemala
  • Mexico
  • Peru
  • The USA

In North America we have one of the top training centers in New York City, a destination that needs no introduction. In Central America we have several options, including Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica, La Antigua, Guatemala, and Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. You also have three great options in South America to consider: Buenos Aires, Argentina, Bogota, Colombia, and Cusco, Peru. Every one of our centers in the Americas offers the same high-level of instruction from experienced teaching professionals and a foot in the door of the local teaching market which is very strong in every location.

Etiquette Middle East

In-class TEFL course locations in Africa and the Middle East

Not to be overlooked is our center in Alexandria, Egypt, which is a very popular choice for trainees who want to teach across the North Africa region or in the Middle East where countries such as Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Qatar, and Oman offer some of the best packages for foreign teachers to be found anywhere in the world.

Main benefits of an in-class TEFL course

As well as a great choice of training destinations all over the world, there are many other benefits of choosing one of our in-class TEFL courses, including:

  • Every course graduate receives free lifetime job support for as long as they remain an EFL teacher.
  • Our in-class courses are internationally recognised and accredited. All courses are validated through Lamar University (Texas, USA) and the Tri-continent Degree program at Siam Technology College (Bangkok, Thailand).
  • Each in-class course includes around 120 hours of onsite training and between 6 and 10 hours of teaching practice with real students of English.
  • Our advertised course fees are all-inclusive so you will never pay extra for any course-related materials.
  • Our teacher trainers are all highly-qualified and experienced professionals who are committed to providing the best possible standards for every course.
  • We can recommend comfortable and affordable accommodation options at all of our course locations.
  • All our courses are open to native-English speakers as well as fluent, non-native English speakers, regardless of age or nationality.

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