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Why I Chose an Online TEFL Course Instead of an In-Class TEFL Course

Why I Chose an Online TEFL Course Instead of an In-Class TEFL Course | ITTT | TEFL Blog

When I looked at the choices of where and how to take a TEFL course, there were two factors that played into my decision-making process. These factors were time and money. I needed to find the quickest, most convenient way to take a TEFL course, and at the same time stay within my budget. And for these reasons, taking the online option was clearly the best way to go for me.

This post was written by our TEFL certification graduate David K.

Why Quick Completion Was Important For Me

I had to find the best way to finish a TEFL course, as fast as possible, so that I could start to use it to make some money while I was traveling. Having plenty of free time, and being able to work at my own pace, made the online offering the clear choice. I was able to do an average of two units per day, sometimes three, and get through the 20 units within a couple of weeks. I had set the end of January as my completion deadline and that was when I finished Unit 20, on January 31.

I am sure that had I taken the course at a registered school here in Mexico I would have gained a lot more insight and useful tips from the teacher, and been able to practise my teaching skills to some extent, including becoming more familiar with lesson planning, but I am happy with the final result, and have a new appreciation for the English language, even with it being my native language.

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Why Cost Was Important For Me

Because I am currently traveling, and not working regularly or have any regular income, the cost of the course was also a big part of the reason for choosing the online option. I have seen some online courses go for far higher a price, and not offer the support, whether through an online tutor, or continued assistance after completing the program, that ITTT offered.

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What the Online TEFL Course Taught Me

Before I started the course, I had a completely different opinion to the job of being a TEFL teacher, compared to my current view on the job after completing the course. I had the idea that since I was a native English speaker, being born and raised in Canada, that I could ‘easily’ teach English to anyone who needed to learn. Boy was I wrong!

Taking the TEFL course gave me a better understanding and appreciation for the English language, and a much deeper respect and appreciation for those that teach English. I also had my first real introduction to the use of the Phonetic alphabet and re-learning the grammatical parts of the English language has also given me a clearer understanding of the Spanish language courses which I am taking here in Mexico. Knowing the 'How’s' and 'Why’s' of basic English grammar, or any language for that matter, to me, makes learning the language so much more enjoyable as it gives you the building blocks from which more learning knowledge comes.

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Post-Course Thoughts

I am perfectly happy and satisfied with the method I chose to take the course and the information provided within. The online TEFL certification option was all that I had expected it to be, and the videos offered as supplemental information were thoroughly well done as well.

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