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E.L. - Brazil said:
Volunteer teaching In some rural areas in thailand, especially in the underprivileged communities, children and young people are in desperate need of assistance with their primary and secondary education and development. Palau is one of these communities. In spite of the beautiful scenery surroundings, waterfall, numerous species of animals; elephants, monkeys, and huge forests ?, many rural Burmese migrants have very difficult lives, and the children do not get the opportunity to receive a good level of education. The Marist Brothers community touched by this situation started a program associate with the Catholic Church of Surathani, as volunteers? English teachers and self development partners. This opportunity of work as a volunteer is required in many parts of thailand, especially in the rural areas, many NGOs are making huge efforts bringing people from abroad to spend their vacations or to spend a year of their lives to change thai, Burmese children`s lives. We can use the words of a great man that went to the jail for many years because of his fight against the ignorance and the intolerance among his people, Nelson Mandela in South Africa ?Education is the great engine of personal development. It is through education that the daughter of a peasant can become a doctor?? Many people in thailand come as refugees or illegally, especially the ones that face persecutions in their own countries, can have access to the quality education. The children are the ones that suffer the most, because there are growing in an environment where they cannot be in the same education level of the children in the same age. As a volunteer teacher you will not only enrich the lives of the ones you are teaching, but being a volunteer teacher you will get to experience living with the people from different cultures and costumes, becoming more open to the world`s diversity and touching the real people in need of a good quality education. The time you spend helping out these children and also adult people will make you feel more human. In these experiences you will face very difficult moments, cultural shock, impossibility in communicating with the locals, the different food, and life style and so on, but the feeling of being useful to the service to the other is more rewarding of any difficulty you can face. The teaching is not formal and your voluntary work can be adapted to your own interests and skills. Regardless of what your input is, the focus is on creating a stimulating environment conducive to learning, and you as a gap year volunteer can help stress the importance of education to your students and their parents. This way, you will be helping the poor farming communities to escape the hardships that they face every day. The requirement of being English teacher for example voluntarily is not as teach in a city school, you don?t need any high qualification to do it, you need to have a good knowledge about the language and a big heart to spread love and kindness wherever you are and whoever you are with. When you get in one of these communities you get in touch with this people, you will see and feel how kind and warm they are, in their simplicity they share whatever they have, in the community they relate among themselves as brothers and sisters. In Bangkok many NGOs in connection with UN or also with the Catholic Church, Buddhist Temples are recruiting people that are willing to be volunteers and help the children that are in need.