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A.A. & J.S. - India said:
Role of the teacher students tend to copy the behavior and mannerism of the teachers. The teachers? entire personality is a reflection on the minds of the students. If the teacher is honest, leads a balanced and disciplined life, the children adopt these virtues as an ideal conduct unconsciously. The ideal teacher is one who through his thoughts, words and deeds, gives an impression of an honest upright life which can serve as a role model for the students to copy, follow and emulate. Teacher in a school needs to remember to get to the level of the student. Teaching the English language involves study, motivation, engagement, inspiration etc, it needs to be practiced to get the perfection of the language. Thus teacher does not have the liberty to force the student to learn the language; he needs to have the caliber to show the student the big picture of how it will benefit him in the future. Trainer in a corporate: Corporate training is seen as an essential catalyst that not only enables the corporate to understand the psychology of their employees but also brings about changes in their behavior and attitude A corporate trainer?s function is normally to make a company or corporation more profitable and successful through improving communications among employees and with management. Success in this role normally requires the corporate trainer to have the generally unique ability to gain trust and respect in a short period of time from a highly diverse mix of personalities. Some training can result in animosity among personnel?a virtual stranger who is not part of daily operations offering advice on how to interact in a more congenial and productive manner is sometimes met with resentment and resistance. A good trainer is someone who can overcome these resistances and bring about a change in the attitude and behavior and when he accomplishes that, the trainer becomes a very powerful person in the trainees life; He or She inevitably become role models. Trainer and a trainee relationship ? the trainer needs to realize that his role of teaching in the corporate world involves adult learning; he/she needs to understand the psychology of the trainee and deal with it accordingly. Some may be very interested to learn but and very cautious of what the others might think, some may not understand the value of the learning and may be completely disinterested, some may feel that they don?t need the lessons as he/she has reached the position he/she wants to be in. the trainer will face very interesting challenges and will learn to deal with them with experience. Henry Von Dyke has said about teachers and teaching ?Ah! There you have the worst paid and the best rewarded of vocations. Do not enter it unless you love it. For the vast majority of men and women it has no promise of wealth and fame, but they to whom it is dear for its own sake are among the nobility of mankind. I sing the praise of the unknown teacher, king of himself and leader of the mankind? Therefore it becomes a necessity for a teacher/trainer to have a good personality. Radiant, pleasing and impressive personal appearance, refinement, pleasant manners, industry, enthusiasm, drive, initiative, open mindedness etc.