Requirements for Teaching English in Asia

When deciding where you would like to teach it is important to make sure that you are aware of the requirements for English teachers in your chosen destination. Asia is a large continent with many opportunities for English teachers both new and experienced. Each country has its own regulations regarding the types of visas, qualifications etc. that teachers are required to have and this guide aims to show these requirements.

If you are looking to teach in Japan or South Korea, you will require a bachelor’s degree in any field. Other countries such as China and Cambodia do not have such strict requirements and it is possible to find work without a degree. In some other countries where a degree is officially required it can be possible to still find work without one but you would generally need to be in the country and prepared to spend additional time searching for a job. Visa requirements vary from country to country and are sometimes dependent on qualifications so you should always check with your local consulate before making travel plans.

Although the majority of jobs advertised online state that a native speaker is required, the reality is that there are plenty of jobs available for non-native speakers of English. Online adverts attract a lot of applications and employers make their lives easier by deleting any applications from non-native speakers. If you are a non-native English teacher, your best bet is to apply in person so you can demonstrate your fluency in a face-to-face interview and an employer is much more likely to hire a teacher who is already in the country than someone who is yet to arrive.

For the most part experience is not required for the majority of jobs in Asia and it is a great destination for those starting out their TEFL careers. Age is also not generally an issue, but you would usually need to be eighteen years of age or older. Some countries do have an upper age limit, but in some cases if you take up a position before reaching that limit, you are able to remain in your job beyond it.


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