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D.B. &D.B. - Russia said:
English as a Global Lang Billions of people around the world speak English, and more than 400 million (400,000,000) speak English as their first language; and the rest speaks English as a second or third language for their professional and personal lives. The language itself took place as part of the British exploration of the world. Today, English is not only a global language, but also referred to as a ?dominant force?. There are a few factors that can attribute to this: number one is the geography of the world, and the second is due to the revolution of technology; which began with the industrial revolution in which the English-speaking nations of Britain and united states has a leading part, and then later the electronic revolution, which was also led by the USA. The third reason is the era of globalization. All three reasons are relevant factors. Additional expansion of the globalization era also leads to the frequency of English in several areas such as science, technology and world trade. The inclusive range of English has made numerous non-speaking English countries realize how important it is to learn the English language. In order to stay in the game and prosper economically, they will have to get up to date. Take note that there is no other language on the internet that can replace the English language; even with the numerous translation services. Because the majority of the globe uses English as a business language, the authors that write in English, will stand a greater chance at getting published, much more than those who write in their native tongue. The benefit of taking English The English language has become the official language of business world; more and more companies become global by getting their company in different countries. This has been the main reason why many businessmen/ women are eager to learn English. In the field of tourism; English has held an important role for so long. English speaking people find it stress-free to visit different countries, and it is very important for the native countries to learn English in order to attract the visitors and to communicate with the tourists. English has become a main shift in the education systems. It is given special attention at all levels of education. An English course can benefit you in a numbers of ways, such as: It will enable you to watch English movies in their original form without having to use translation or subtitles. It will give you the ability to listen to your favorite music. It will let you understand almost all the internet. It can help you find work globally. English is the international standard. English is a crucial language. It will enable you to watch and listen to the international news, which will keep you informed on important global issues. Being able to speak English will allow you to travel in almost any country in the world, in additional to this; English is the official language of fifty three countries. All this being said; having an English language education can have a strong impact on your life. Reference: Global English Edu. Retrieved on Nov 26, 2011 from