TEFL Certificate Philippines


Capital city

Filipino, English

Peso (PSP)

Typical TEFL teacher salary
US$ 600/month

Major TEFL locations
Quezon City


The Country

Due to the fact that English is an official language in the Philippines, many foreigners may find it difficult to obtain a teaching position. Because this is the case, our course graduates will benefit immensely from our lifetime assistance finding jobs — in the Philippines or any other country.

Your chances of obtaining a job increase if you are an American citizen and most of the jobs available are with larger companies, language schools, and international schools. At the international schools, you will most likely be teaching Korean and Japanese students.

There are a few government or privately run schools in the Philippines that will hire foreigners or native English speakers. As mentioned before, job options include large international companies, international schools (American, British, Korean, etc.), and language schools. Most of these positions will be found in the big cities, especially Manila. If you are looking for a more rural atmosphere, there are always volunteer positions available on the more remote islands and areas throughout the Philippines.

To obtain a paid position in the country, the minimum requirement is a TEFL or TESOL certificate.


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Sample Job offer for Teaching English in the Philippines