What are the best countries to teach English in Asia?

Embark on an overseas teaching adventure, whether for a gap year or a fresh start in a new career, and Asia emerges as an undeniable contender. With its vast expanse, Asia attracts countless people seeking English teaching opportunities abroad, thanks to a plethora of job prospects and a rich tapestry of cultures to explore. While the requirements for teaching in Asia vary, a strong command of English and a TEFL certification from a reputable provider like ITTT are essential. Among the nearly 50 countries in Asia, we highlight the following as prime options for teaching English right now:

South Korea

With an exceptionally high demand for TEFL qualified teachers nationwide, South Korea has gained popularity as one of the world's top destinations. Not only do teachers enjoy attractive salaries, but they can also lead a comfortable lifestyle while saving a substantial portion of their income. Generous benefits often include free accommodation and return flights. However, competition can be fierce, and stringent requirements, such as being a native English speaker from a select group of countries, narrow the pool of applicants. Government-run recruitment schemes like the EPIK Program and the TaLK Program offer popular avenues to enter the job market in South Korea.

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Despite recent economic challenges, Japan remains a sought-after destination for English teachers due to the countrywide demand for English instruction and its unique, captivating culture. While salaries may not always keep pace with the rising cost of living, teachers can still enjoy a comfortable lifestyle with potential savings, although accommodation, particularly in Tokyo, can be costly. Many teaching positions come with benefits, including free or subsidized housing. Tokyo, with its abundant job opportunities, caters to those seeking a bustling urban experience, while smaller locations offer a quieter alternative. The well-established JET Program provides a pathway for many teachers to live and work in Japan.

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Since announcing plans to foster a bilingual Chinese-English population by 2030, Taiwan has emerged as a highly sought-after destination for English teaching. Opportunities abound throughout the country, regardless of the time of year. Salaries are generally high, and comprehensive benefit packages, encompassing housing and flights, are commonplace. A range of potential employers cater to different age groups and student types, from language schools focused on preschool and school-aged students to universities offering relatively short working hours and higher pay.

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Despite comparatively lower average salaries than the aforementioned countries, Thailand continues to attract thousands of TEFL qualified teachers to work in government schools and private language centers annually. The allure lies in its laid-back atmosphere, favorable climate, delectable cuisine, and warm hospitality. While competition has increased in recent years, resulting in stricter requirements and improved teaching quality, Bangkok remains a popular destination, offering ample job opportunities and vibrant nightlife. Other locations like Phuket, Pattaya, and Chiang Mai also hold equal appeal.

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With one of the world's fastest-growing economies, Vietnam presents a thriving market for TEFL qualified teachers. Rising salaries and improved working conditions have accompanied the increasing demand for English language skills, particularly in cities like Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi. While private language schools offer the majority of positions, smaller towns and tourist resorts also provide opportunities on a smaller scale. Unlike countries where teaching jobs are predominantly advertised online, Vietnam often relies on on-the-ground job hunting after arriving in the country.

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While the above five countries stand as popular choices in Asia, several others warrant consideration, especially for non-native English speakers or those without a degree. Conduct independent research to identify locations that captivate your interest and take the leap. What do you have to lose?