TEFL in Thailand (Trang) (2)

Date posted:2002-10-31 | Writer: Jintarungsi School | Email: [email protected]

Job: English Teacher
School: Jintarungsi School, Trang
Tel: (075) 210-218-9
Email: < [email protected] >, < [email protected] >


We are a Thai private primary school in Trang Province, teaching Thai curriculum, with English as the medium of instruction. As we are operating for the past six years, we are urgently looking for qualified people who enjoy teaching children of Kindergarten 3 (K3 will open next week) to Primary 6. A year contract includes the following:

SALARY : 20, 000 baht/depending on experience
ACCOMMODATION : a furnished air-conditioned room
MEAL ALLOWANCE : Free 3-400baht a month at the MP Hotel
HOLIDAY : a month's paid holiday after a year contract + public holidays + term break
WORKING PERMIT : done and paid by the school
A YEAR CONTRACT VISA : processed by the school
TEACHER'S LICENSE : done by school
CONTRACTED HOURS : 20-22 periods/week
OFF DAYS : Saturdays and Sundays


As we are not very stern or particular about the nationality of our teachers/applicants as long as his/her responsibilities are met and parents and the administrators are both satisfied with their performance. BUT, applicants must have a degree of any field, TEFL Certificate, with some experience. Applicants having either of the two qualifications won't be turned away.

Openings are available for the coming new term and year-long contracts for the regular school year.

For more information, please contact me at these e-mail addresses < [email protected] > or < [email protected] > or you can send your c.v. to fax no. (075) 210-910. Contact us now.

Thank you and waiting for your reply.

English Programme Co-ordinator
School's No.: (075) 210-218-9
Cell Phone : 09-4728445

Below you can read feedback from an ITTT graduate regarding one section of their online TEFL certification course. Each of our online courses is broken down into concise units that focus on specific areas of English language teaching.


When I was in the United Kingdom I studied English Grammar in Use. It was so useful for me. I'm trying to correct grammar mistake in English. Actually the content of this unit made me understand easily sentence structure. Article, adjective, noun, verb, preposition and adverb each of which plays a role in the sentence let me feel more comfortable and confident better speech. I really want to my speech ability and knowledge slowly grow.As we keep talking about student-centered class, it is not only based on student-centered instructions but also involves the entire planning stage. The selecting of learning materials should also be student-centered. There are never any perfect one-fit-all type of material. As teachers, it is essential for us to accumulate variety of teaching materials, resources and related strategies in order to tailor our teaching to student's need.