TEFL in Thailand - Chonburi

Date posted:2002-10-28 | Writer: Eastern College of Technology. | Email: [email protected]

Job: English Instructor
School: Eastern College of Technology (E.TECH), Chonburi
Tel: 038 -206081
Email: < [email protected] >



Eastern College of Technology (E.TECH) Moo.2 Nongtumlung Phanthong, Chonburi 20160 has a vacancy for full time English Instructor for its Foreign Language Centre. This is a one semester position (December 02-March 03)Commencing in December 2002. We invite applications from candidates meeting the following criteria:

* Native English Speaker

* University Graduate

* CTEFLA, and/ or a minimum 1 year TEFL experience with High School, College students, or adults in Asia.

E.TECH offers a very comfortable working environment with excellent benefits, including: Working Visa, Heath Insurance, 24 contact hours(40 hour week Tuesday-Satureday) and Paid Vacations.

Interested applications should send or email a current resume to Rattana Suwijan, Head of Dept. Flc, Tel. 038-206081 ext.188,Fax.038-789093,email < [email protected] >. Replies will be sent only to those applicants selected for interview.

Below you can read feedback from an ITTT graduate regarding one section of their online TEFL certification course. Each of our online courses is broken down into concise units that focus on specific areas of English language teaching.


In this unit i have learnt reading and listening skills that requires receptive skill from learners and i could ensure my knowlegde about it more detailed as the reason of reading and listening, how we read and listen, the problem with it and what should be careful for choosing texts or listening etc. Worked on a Task-6 and Task-7 materials making lesson plan using Patchwork ESA method.It gets me to study making lesson plan accurately.There are different types of tests that can be given out to assess a range of things such as students' current progress, level, what they have retained and for the teacher's benefit so that they are aware of what their pupils already know and what they need to work on. Cambridge assessment is responsible for a range of external exams and assessments including the OCR examinations board, Cambridge ESOL and Cambridge international exams.