Employment teaching EFL in Suratthani, Thailand

Date posted:2003-09-19 | Writer: Mathus Language Academy | Email: [email protected]

At Mathus we teach all levels and ages. Our youngest are of nursery school age. We also have adult classes and company classes. Most classes are taught onsite, and we offer compensation in the form of a travel bonus to teachers teaching outside classes. We are also now teaching at local high schools. The majority of our students are children.

We offer a good salary for Thailand, which allows for frequent trips to the islands and beaches, and a very comfortable lifestyle in Suratthani itself. The school provides shared accommodations in a semi-furnished house (teachers pay their own utilities) when available (if no house is available the school provides a 2, 500 Baht housing allowance and assists the teacher in finding suitable accommodations). Other bonuses and perks are: flight compensation of 15, 000 Baht after 6 months, 25, 000 Baht after completion of the one year contract, 24 paid vacation days (scheduled by the school, usually following our summer camps), free medical consultation and medicine for minor ailments, computer and internet access (teachers pay minimal charge), as well as many additional incentives (please see our web site).

We are looking for teachers with a lot of energy and an open mind. We have one position available, which begins in early to mid-October. This new position will require the new teacher to teach English at one or two of the local high schools. A car/van is provided, so the teacher is required to have a driverํs license, and preferably be able to drive a standard car. There is a short training period before beginning teaching full-time. Please note that all of our contracts are for a minimum of 1 year after completion of the training program.

Our teachers have a university degree and a TESOL certificate but we will also consider other applicants, in particular those with experience teaching young children. We do require the minimum of a university degree to get the appropriate teaching visas in Thailand.

*** Please note that we will only accept applications from Native Speakers of English from Canada, England, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and America. As well, the position requires the new teacher to be here by mid to late September 2003. We ask that if you are not available at this time you do not send in an application at this time.

Please visit our web site at Contact us (our new and updated web site) or at our old web site Contact us and fill out the application form that you will find there and send it to the attention of Kanista Aroonkong, Director, [email protected]. Please do not send resumes/CVs. We also ask that you copy and paste the form onto an email, and not send it as an attachment. We will not download any documents due to previous difficulties.

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Going back and relearning about each part of speech was not as easy as I thought it would be. To learn about Gerunds and auxiliary verbs all over again is a challenge but I am excited to continue this next step in my life. I did enjoy reviewing the adverb section of this chapter. Learning about all the rules and where the words go placed in a sentence is something that we don't think about on a day to day basis. I am beyond excited.This unit was an introduction to the current course and it has outlined the subjects it covers. They include learning theories, syllabus design, classroom management, professional development advice, teaching techniques and mediums, etc. I am very much looking forward to learning everything this course has to offer because this knowledge will be immediately useful to me in my new job which is about to start, so I'm really motivated.