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Teach and Travel in Taiwan

Almost everyone in Taiwan has studied English at one point in there life and this trend continues today. With thousands of English language schools throughout the country, and hundreds of thousands of English language students, you can begin to appreciate the huge number of available TEFL jobs in Taiwan. Available TEFL jobs are split between language schools and kindergarten, and you can expect to be offered TEFL jobs at both. Add to this the demand for English teachers made by private students such as businesspersons, homemakers, college students, and just about everyone, you can see that the TEFL Job market in Taiwan is huge. The cost of living in Taiwan is relatively low while an English teacher’s salary is quite high. You can expect to save well here. Taiwan is a great place for a newly qualified TEFL teacher to gain important experience; you’ll have a lot of fun and save well at the same time. Further information here for Teaching English in Taiwan.

  •  Regular TEFL Positions in Taiwan


    Writer: Skills Language Academy | Email: [email protected]

    Skills Language Academy is one of the fastest growing English schools in Taiwan and has regular opportunities for TEFL certified teachers. Our Management team consists of several former English teachers who will walk you through your application, planning for your year in Taiwan and doing your pre-arrival documents. Once here, we organize all of your documentation for working legally with us. In addition to our competitive salary, we guarantee your teaching hours, offer regular raises, and award annual student return rate and contract renewal bonuses. Curricula and materials are provided, and our management structure provides ongoing living and teaching support. Successful teachers can choose to renew their yearly contracts or choose to explore the opportunities for advancement...   Read more

  •  Job Teaching English in Taiwan (5)


    Writer: Korrnell Academy | Email: [email protected]

    Are you a TEFL certified teacher? Korrnell Academy, a top-rated, fastest-growing school, awaits your arrival! Korrnell Academy is a diversified-culture, Chinese-English bilingual private school (a grade school rather than a cram language center) in Hsinchu County. We use American curriculum with American textbooks to nurture our children to grow happily and healthily. Our school has the following advantages over other schools/language institutes in Taiwan or other non-native English speaking countries: 1. Korrnell Academy offers Chinese-English dual immersion program to our students. ESL teachers teach curriculum-based English classes with American textbooks. We provide all the necessary resources such as curricula, answer keys, text books, student books, practice books, etc. 2....   Read more

  •  Teach EFL in Tawian


    Writer: Genius English School | Email: [email protected]

    Genius English Institute has regular openings for TEFL certified teachers throughout the year. Since 1988, we have established six branches in Kaohsiung City (the second biggest city in Taiwan) and one in Shanghai, China. We are ambitious about opening more branches in Taiwan and China, because we are eager to bring the best teaching quality to students and parents! We are a company which cares about delivering the best quality English Education. We think English is not only a subject, but a gateway to the world. Working here, you will feel you are not only teaching English, but also engaging in an amazing culture and sharing wonderful experiences with warm and friendly Taiwanese parents and students! Teaching English as a second language is one of the most popular professions in the...   Read more

  •  Opening for EFL Teacher in Taiwan


    Writer: Cat’s Educational Group | Email: [email protected]

    Cat’s Educational Group is a well established organization with 6 Language Schools, 2 Kindergartens, a Training and Research Center and an Educational Supply Store. We are currently seeking enthusiastic EFL teachers. We provide competitive pay, raises, bonuses, orientations, vacations and plenty of professional development courses through our Training and Research Center. We have bright, spacious schools, and inviting classrooms. Our schools have large lending libraries and teacher resource libraries. We use an American curriculum and base a lot of our programs on western standards. Requirements: 1. All qualified Native level English-Speaking teachers may apply 2. An undergraduate degree from a recognized university. Early Child Education and TESOL /TEFL  Certificate are...   Read more

  •  English Teachers Wanted in Taiwan


    Writer: Kojen Language Schools | Email: [email protected]

    Kojen Language Schools has regular opportunities for TEFL certified teachers. With over 20 schools across Taiwan, we have the largest Adult English Program and one of the largest Children's Programs in Taiwan. Our annual enrollment is now over 100,000 students. Over 500 businesses and government agencies have chosen Kojen for testing and training their people for the highest standards of English proficiency. What do you look for in a good school?
    KOJEN offers: 1. A comfortable, supportive work environment. 2. A fully developed curriculum. 3. An outstanding teaching library with over 6000 handouts, games and activities for you to build your classes with. 4. A great team of highly qualified, interesting colleagues to work with. 5. Teacher Trainers on duty every day to assist you with...   Read more

  •  TEFL Vacancy in Taiwan (2)


    Writer: Leader Language Schools | Email: [email protected]

    Leader Language Schools in Taiwan seek an EFL teacher  to begin in late March. Founded in 1999, Leader Language Schools are English language institutes in Central Taiwan. Most of our students are aged 6-18 and we have had considerable success in preparing students for the General English Proficiency Test ,which is recognized by the Ministry of Education in Taiwan. We have three branches in Central Taiwan. Two of our branches are in Changhua, a mid-sized city which is next to Ba Gua Mountain, where residents can enjoy hiking, biking, running, tennis, golf, swimming, bird-watching, etc. One of the largest free-standing statues of Buddha in Southeast Asia is on Ba Gua Mountain. WHO WE SEEK: We employ teachers who teach English with a standard North American accent (due to standardizing...   Read more

  •  Teach English in Taiwan (4)


    Writer: Shane English Schools Taiwan | Email: [email protected]

    Taiwan is a fast moving Asian country with many teaching possibilities opening throughout the year for TEFL graduates. Shane English Schools have over 60 schools in and around Taipei and up and down the west coast of Taiwan with teaching positions starting all year round. As a tropical island it boasts diverse landscapes and excitement for all who have the fortune to live and work there. In and around Taipei, schools offer the Asian experience with the additional comfort of other foreigners and western style supermarkets, restaurants and bars. There are a lot of experienced teachers in Taipei; therefore new teachers have plenty of support both socially and academically. We also have jobs in franchise schools spread throughout the island which generally have fewer teachers than the...   Read more

  •  TEFL Job in Taiwan (2)


    Writer: KNS Language Institute | Email: [email protected]

    KNS Language Institute in Kaohsiung, Taiwan is now hiring EFL teachers for November 1st starts. These positions are full time and are preceded by a two week training period beginning October 21st. Teachers at KNS work at a single branch of the school only, and each teacher has their own classroom, which they are encouraged to decorate and personalize.  Class sizes range from as low as 7 to as high as 16 students, which is the maximum allowable per class.  Teachers teach three classes a day. Benefits include: * 30 teaching hours per week, all in one place, Monday to Friday * work permit, ARC, and health insurance provided * three week summer holiday plus additional personal vacation time * generous year-end bonus and tax back incentives * total annual net income over...   Read more

  •  Regular EFL Teaching Jobs in Taiwan


    Writer: Kang Ning English School | Email: [email protected]

    Kang Ning English School is a private English school established in 1986. The school has two departments, the Language Department (LD), with mainly elementary and secondary school students, and Kindergarten Department (KD), with 3-6 years olds. Some of the LD students meet twice a week for English instruction and some come every day for different subjects in English.  We currently have thirteen full-time English-native-speaking EFL teachers from all over the world. We provide a positive, stable & supportive educational environment with English speaking staff. The foreign teachers’ turnover rate is one of the lowest in Hsinchu county. We are looking for English native English speaking educators with teaching passion and professionalism. Our KD has an immersion program in which teachers...   Read more

  •  TEFL Certified Teachers Needed in Taiwan


    Writer: Inter English School (Taiwan) | Email: [email protected]

    Inter English School in Hemei Town, Changhua County, Taiwan seeks EFL teachers who are available to start at the end of June, 2013. We were established in 1999 and are located in the middle of the western coast of Taiwan. We are searching for talented and energetic teachers who have a genuine interest in the culture of Taiwan and the academic progress of our students. What Inter School Offers: 
    Excellent remuneration packages and airfare compensation. 
    Free airport pick up and accommodation assistance. 
    Assistance with work permit, ARC application and joint National health insurance. 
    Average 20-25 teaching hours per week. 
    Age of students: 7-16 years old. 
    Average number of students in class: 8-15 
    One week extensive training program (PAID). 
    In addition, the school owner...   Read more

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