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taiwan TEFL Jobs in Taiwan

Teach and Travel in Taiwan

Almost everyone in Taiwan has studied English at one point in there life and this trend continues today. With thousands of English language schools throughout the country, and hundreds of thousands of English language students, you can begin to appreciate the huge number of available TEFL jobs in Taiwan. Available TEFL jobs are split between language schools and kindergarten, and you can expect to be offered TEFL jobs at both. Add to this the demand for English teachers made by private students such as businesspersons, homemakers, college students, and just about everyone, you can see that the TEFL Job market in Taiwan is huge. The cost of living in Taiwan is relatively low while an English teacher’s salary is quite high. You can expect to save well here. Taiwan is a great place for a newly qualified TEFL teacher to gain important experience; you’ll have a lot of fun and save well at the same time. Further information here for Teaching English in Taiwan.

  •  Job for Enthusiastic TEFL Teacher in Taiwan


    Writer: Yu Chia English Institute | Email: [email protected]

    Yu Chia English Institute needs a caring, responsible and independent teacher to teach young learners. The position would suit a recently qualified TEFL teacher who is creative, outgoing and enthusiastic. We are particularly looking for a native English speaker from USA or Canada. Responsibilities include correct and efficient marking of homework and participation in school activities, including preperation for festivals such as Christmas and Halloween.      Read more

  •  Job Teaching English in Taiwan (3)


    Writer: Kang Ning English School | Email: [email protected]

    Kang Ning English School is currently looking for TEFL qualified teachers. We are a private English school established in 1986. The school has two departments, the Language Department, with mainly elementary and secondary school students, and Kindergarten Department, with 3-6 years olds. Our foreign teachers' turnover rate is the lowest in Hsinchu county. We are looking for English native-speaking educators with teaching passion. The KD is an immersion program in which teachers work from 9:00am to 6:00 or 7:30pm, the LD teachers work from 1:00am-9:30pm. Saturday hours are optional and all extra paid. Pay is depending on professional & academic qualifications, with additional, overtime pay & bonus, free staff trips, free meals, ARC, health insurance and paid national...   Read more

  •  Teach EFL in Taiwan (3)


    Writer: TEFLOne | Email: [email protected]

    We are currently interviewing for positions to commence each month from April onwards in Taiwan. Our schools offer TEFL qualified teachers a challenging and rewarding experience in Taipei or many of the southern provinces. The positions offer a better than average benefit package including reimbursed airfare and an opportunity to teach extra hours and therefore a chance to save. The teaching is usually in small classes, maximum 18, but the average is about 12. The schools offer a great deal in teacher support, from arrival through to additional advanced training.   Read more

  •  Positions For EFL Teachers in Taiwan


    Writer: Annie\'s English School | Email: [email protected]

    AES was established 22 years ago in Taipei County with a view to giving a quality English language education to learners from younger learners up to junior high school students. We now have over 2,000 students enrolled and more than 100 instructors, most of whom have been with our organization for upwards of 5 years. As enrollment increases, full-time, part-time and short-term (winter/summer camp) positions will be available for qualified TEFL teachers. We offer a competitive salary commensurate with each candidate’s experience and skill.   Read more

  •  Regular Opportunities to Teach TEFL in Taiwan


    Writer: Shane English School | Email: [email protected]

    Shane English School is a well-established and respected chain of EFL schools. We are currently interviewing for positions to commence each month from November onwards in Taiwan. We have positions starting every month and can place teachers many months in advance. We offer qualified TEFL teachers a challenging and rewarding experience in Taipei or many of the southern provinces. The position offers a better than average benefit package including reimbursed airfare and an opportunity to teach extra hours and therefore a chance to save a lot more.    Read more

  •  TEFL Job in Taiwan


    Writer: Effective International English | Email: [email protected]

    Great opportunity teaching Business English in Taipei, Taiwan, EIE, Effective International English a highly respected school of business English is currently looking to expand its team of skilled instructors. If you are TEFL qualified, living in Taiwan or planning to relocate and want to step up to a new challenge, click on the heading for more details.     Read more

  •  Positions Teaching TEFL in Taiwan


    Writer: American Eagle Institute | Email: [email protected]

    Part-time and full-time positions are available for qualified TEFL teachers at a school is situated in Banciao City, Taipei County. Train and MRT stations are nearby. Both first-time and experienced teachers are welcome to apply. The level of our students are from grade schools. We provide our teachers with housing subsidy, bonuses and so on.
    Salary and Annual Holiday Pay vary according to qualifications and experience.   Read more

  •  TEFL Position in Taiwan


    Writer: Keelung Elementary School | Email: [email protected]

    A private Elementary school located in Keelung city, 20 km from Taipei city, is looking for qualified TEFL teachers to start as soon as possible. There are around 4,500 students and 18 foreign English teachers in the school. We offer an attractive benefits package for a 10 month contract, including bonus for perfect attendance, contract completion and performance. Keelung is a water front city with a population of around 700,000 together with a beautiful coast line and beaches. 
        Read more

  •  TEFL Opportunity in Taiwan


    Writer: Inter English School | Email: [email protected]

    Inter English School was established in 1999. There are four foreign TEFL teachers in our school and we are looking for another to join the team. We are located in Hemei Town: scooter-close to Changhua City, Lu Gang and Taichung. LOW Cost of Living. GREAT neighborhood & mountains nearby. If you love outdoor activities, this is the job! We offer good pay, airfare reimbursment and bonus together with many other benefits.   Read more

  •  Teach Young Learners TEFL in Taiwan


    Writer: Universe Language School | Email: [email protected]

    Universe Language School is searching for two qualified TEFL teachers to join us. The school provides an English-immersion kindergarten & Elementary program for children, aged 3 to 10. Similar to a North American kindergarten, each teacher is responsible for his or her own classroom. Students are grouped by age and the number of students never exceeds 16 per class. Our Evening English Program provides overtime income. Students in this program are 8 to 12 years in age. We offer a 1 year contract with attractive benefits package.    Read more

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