TEFL Positions in Chiayi, Taiwan

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Universe Language School in Chiayi has opportunities for TEFL qualified teachers who wish to commit to a one year full-time position. We offer a variety of classes - afternoon elementary and evening classes. If you have a preferred age level we will do our best to accommodate you, but most teachers have to teach a variety of ages as scheduling requires. Teachers are not required to work all three shifts, but some choose to in order to get extra hours.

Our monthly salary is NT$50,000 for 25 teaching hours and 5 office hours per week. Extra class hours pay NT$500 per hour. There are three American foreign teachers working in our school now. Our teachers are paid on the tenth day of each month. Contracts are one year in length. If you decide you want to leave at the end of your contract we prefer two month's notice so that we have time to find a teacher to replace you.  

Most teachers have between 25-30 hours of class a week. Because living expenses are very cheap in our city, teachers can save a large portion of their salaries. The work week is from Monday to Friday so teachers have weekends free to travel around Taiwan.

We have five mandatory preparation hours per week. Our teachers have to come thirty minutes before their classes begin. We have staff meetings once a week. We have no set dress code - we only expect our teachers to come to work looking presentable.

There are several vacations throughout the year. Some long weekends, and one full week in February for Chinese New Year.


Chiayi is a small city by Asian standards with a population of about 300,000. It is nicely located in the middle of Taiwan - about an hour from the ocean and is bordered by mountains. There is not a huge bar/club scene in Chiayi, but there is a large foreign population and an active social scene if you want it. There are also many options for those who like outdoor activities. Taipei is about three hours away. Several other big cities are within day trip distance.

Most foreign teachers live in the same residential area. Apartments are spacious and inexpensive. A large two bedroom apartment goes for about 6,000 NT$ a month ($193 USD). One bedroom apartments rent for about 5,000 NT$ a month ($160 USD). Furnished apartments are available and the cost of rent does not change if furniture is included. It is notable that the cost of living, particularly in terms of rent, is cheaper in Chaiyi than in a large city like Taipei.


Most teachers buy a scooter or motorcycle for their stay here. Prices range from 25,000 NT$ to 35,000 NT$ ($851 usd to $1192 usd) US $1=NT $29.377. Selling your vehicle is not a problem at the end of your stay. Most ESL teachers sell their bikes to incoming teachers for about the same price they paid. Maintenance and gas are very inexpensive.


Taiwan is warm year round. July and August are very hot, but most apartments are air conditioned (as are all working locations). The winter is short and cool. A light winter jacket would be appropriate. It never gets really cold unless you take a trip into the mountains in the winter. The spring and fall are very comfortable. We do have a rainy season so think about bringing good rain gear BUT rain suits are available and cheap here.


We will offer teachers the first two weeks free apartment and lunch.

There's a small fee of Alien resident card for NT$1000 per year. (First year NT$1000) When teachers first arrive, school will provide teachers advance to buy what they need and pay for living before teachers get the first month salary.

Most apartments come with a washing machine, but if yours does not, there are cheap laundry services in town. 


Please contact via email and provide the following:

1. Current CV / Resume

2. Recent photo

3. Copy of the first page of your passport

4. Copy of your diploma

5. Copy of your passport

6. FBI Background Check (National Police Criminal Record)

You will need to apply for a tourist/visitors visa to come to Taiwan. Or you will have to apply one in Taiwan as well. Go to the Taiwanese consulate closest to you and get a two-month tourist visa.

Universe Language School

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Below you can read feedback from an ITTT graduate regarding one section of their online TEFL certification course. Each of our online courses is broken down into concise units that focus on specific areas of English language teaching.


It was good to review the structure of sentences and the different break downs of verbs, nouns, adjectives etc. I believe it is important to have a good understanding of the content before being able to teach it yourself. I plan to review this material more on my own time, and to take relevant notes in order to properly teach the correct structure and grammar of the English language.Learned a lot from this unit. One of the great things of learning from this system is that it doesn't just teach you and go over what you already know, but helps you teach it in a way students can truly learn the most of it. This helps any new teacher not be confused in which way to teach as the unit goes over many different ways to go over the lesson and which is the most effective.

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