Get TEFL Certified in Mexico
Chiapas is the location of our TEFL course in Mexico

Mexico has more opportunities for TEFL certified teachers than any other country in the region. After graduating from the course you will have no trouble finding a job wherever you want to be in the country. More info
Teach English in Mexico
An exceptionally high demand means that Mexico is currently a teaching hotspot

In order to meet the high demand for foreign English teachers across the country, it is typically quite straightforward for teachers to get a work permit. Check out our guide to obtaining a work permit in Mexico. More info
Mexico Salary Guide
Jobs are plentiful in Mexico, but what about the salaries?

Our blog guide takes a look at different money related aspects of teaching English in Mexico, from the average salary and other benefits to the cost of groceries, eating out and transportation. More info

Gallery Chiapas

The perfect place to relax between classes

If you decide to join our in-class training course in Chiapas, Mexico, you get to hang out on our...

Our professional trainers are waiting for you!

Our experienced teacher trainers are waiting for you to come and join our in-class program in...

Come and join our training course this year!

Chiapas in Mexico is the perfect place to start your TEFL/TESOL adventure. After only four weeks,...

One of the biggest waterfalls in Mexico

Chiapas is located very close to Chiflon Waterfalls, one of the largest in Mexico. We organize...

Some of the largest waterfalls in Mexico

During your stay in Chiapas, you will have the chance to visit Chiflon Waterfalls, some of the...

Kristy and Esther getting ready for Halloween

Our two trainees Kristy and Esther are getting ready for the Halloween event at our training...

Our training center is located in a colorful neighborhood

Who wouldn't enjoy spending a month in this lovely neighborhood? Our Mexico training center...

Relaxing atmosphere at our Chiapas Center

Join our four-week in-class TEFL/TESOL Training in Chiapas, Mexico, and you will learn everything...

On top of San Gregorio Church

Chiapas is a lovely village located in the south of Mexico, close to the border with Guatemala....