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E.F. - Italy said:
Why complete a TEFL courseLiving abroad is a very fun, and fulfilling thing to do in life. Many people dream of living abroad, finding work, and living as one of the locals. However, from experience I can say that moving to a foreign country is anything but easy. Challenges from learning the language, culture differences and probably the most important: finding a job. However, I had the opportunity to do some of my own research before I moved abroad and discovered that by obtaining a tefl certification would broaden my opportunities for finding work. I had no idea what a ?TEFL? certificate\course was. I had heard of people speak briefly of the tefl certification, but I didn?t know what to expect. A tefl course can be either done online or onsite. Two, very different approaches to the course, but with the same outcome; the certification. The TEFL certificate is more traditionally known to teach students in their ?home? country. Since the instructor would be teaching the students in their home country there is a chance that English would be not spoken amongst the students, or they may have had a limited amount of exposure to the English language. So, if someone wants the experience of living abroad, and teaching students in their ?home? country-obtaining the tefl certification is a very good investment; financially, and time wise. The dream of living abroad is very real for many English speaking people. English is a very necessary language in many countries. People both young and may be required to learn for school, work, travel, or lastly they want to learn it for their own personal development. Living abroad costs money, and unless you are independently wealthy, you will need to find work to pay for your living expenses. By having a TEFL certificate, you could obtain a decent paying job, and the ability to live in a foreign country and have more than enough money to live on. By teaching either in a school environment, or privately having a certification will definitely open many job opportunities for the certified teacher. Though many people want to live abroad and teach, some may not be qualified. Usually, schools both English language schools and also schools for children may require a certification or degree in teaching. Through taking a tefl course either online or onsite, the future teacher will obtain the necessary skills for teaching proper grammar, vocabulary, verbs, etc. I can speak from personal experience, I have taken for granted the ability to speak English easily, how correct sentence structures are natural for me. For someone living in their home country, and not having the same background in the English language these skills do not come naturally or easily to them. They need someone who has the proper training and knowledge to teach them correctly. Additional to the technical skills that will be acquired through a proper tefl certification course-the future teacher will also become more confident in their knowledge of the English language. Having a tefl certification will open many doors for job opportunities. The program which the future teacher uses to obtain usually has a database of potential job opportunities for those that finish their TEFL certifications. The company will usually post online, or contact the certified teachers directly with prospective jobs, then the teacher will go for an interview or contact the prospective employers on their own. There are many reasons to obtain a tefl certification, and one of the greatest reasons is personal development of the instructor. This is obtained by living abroad in possibly a non Western country, and the instructor has the opportunity to impact the people positively. Both personal development and having the ability to positively impact others are great enough reasons for myself. However, the person who is considering moving abroad should do their own research regarding the tefl courses and decide if this path is correct for them, and if so which course to take. Obtaining the necessary skills, techniques, and confidence to teach others are also amazing reasons to complete the tefl course. So, if you, or someone you may know are considering moving abroad look into the tefl course that is appropriate for their individual needs. Personally, I have learned so much not only about the English language, teaching non-native speakers, but also about myself. I live in italy, and have had the experience of not only being the instructor, but also a student of a foreign language. The tefl course that I took, I believe met my needs-to give me the necessary skills and techniques, and the ability to provide for myself while living abroad.