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A Teacher’s Personality in the Center of Classroom Attention

A Teacher’s Personality in the Center of Classroom Attention | ITTT | TEFL Blog

“Teachers have three loves: Love of learning, Love of learners and love of bringing the first love two loves together” Scott Hayden

Students are most affected by the quality of their teachers.

Not only do they interact with their teachers every day in the classroom but the quality of that interaction matters for our students’ future. Especially, English teachers especially need the following qualities.

First of all, a good teacher should be kind and patient.

Kind teachers always believe in their students. For them, teaching is not a business, it is a relationship. They are warm and always ready to listen and share their opinions with the students. They devote countless hours to ensuring students can work successfully. They often encourage their students to express themselves. This would be a great end or start- of- the- day with the teacher’s happy opening eyes. The teacher will create an enjoyable atmosphere for the student to study. A kind teacher knows how to help students learn better. Besides, patience is a virtue. Patience is one of the most important qualities of a great teacher. A patient teacher is a person who can keep calm to address any problems that might happen over and over again. This teacher should never give up on their students and would try out new ways to help students succeed in school.

Additionally, As Robert John Meehan pointed out “Teachers who love teaching, teaching children to love learning”. So good teachers should love teaching. From my point of view, this is the most important quality that all teachers should have. Teachers should be passionate and love teaching. A teacher who does not enjoy and love their job cannot be effective at all. Also, the teacher cannot expect students to enjoy the class if they are not enjoying the class.Remarkably, why should a good teacher care about students?

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To me, a great teacher should also care about their students.

Students always think that their teachers can solve all their issues in any circumstances. Teachers are willing to listen and care about their problems, and often pay attention to student’s attitudes to encourage them every time they need help.

Apart from that, kids mess about when they are bored.

Most teachers understand this without having to be told. Avoiding student boredom in their environments is a prerequisite for a teacher’s survival. If the teachers are lively and entertaining, students will be attracted and love going to school. They felt relaxed and interested in the lesson. The teacher may find that students are focused on their lesson or not. When the teacher is lively and entertaining, there’s a good chance that students will respond positively. “ Being a teacher is a very colorful job”. A great teacher recognizes the game’s and joke’s importance inside the classroom. The students enjoy the lesson when it’s entertaining. Pleasure keeps students on their toes. Kids want the teacher to be smiling, having humor, making a pleasant and not a boring lesson.

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And last but not least, a good teacher can motivate learners to study better.

Whatever the reason a motivated student has a greater chance of success than a student without motivation. The teacher has to ensure that lessons are enjoyable, interesting, varied, and useful to maintain or build that motivation. Adult learners will usually have made their own decision to attend classes and as such will usually be quite motivated. Younger learners, however, have rarely made that decision for themselves and maybe somewhat lacking in motivation. A caring teacher will help build and encourage motivation by making classes varied and interesting. Pennsylvania said great teachers are, “ motivating students to succeed in and out of school”.

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In conclusion, Teaching a foreign language is a chance for the teacher to inspire their understanding of the lesson but also culture, country, etc… English teachers do their best in implementing techniques in the classroom to help our nation's children reach their learning potential. Most do it for love of their subject and passion helping their students, and passion is the greatest key to the success of all. The great teachers always remember that “ To the word, you may be just a teacher but to your students, you are a Hero!” Many students have shown that a good teacher transmits not only knowledge they also contribute to the future quality of life. It is really necessary that “ make the most of every minute in class”. As well as a teacher uses innovations in the classroom, inspires, and motivates. The kind, patient, caring, lively, and entertaining teacher can engage, motivate, and bring happiness to their students with bright development and future.

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