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B.H. - New Zealand said:
Why complete a TEFL courseBecoming a qualified tefl teacher is a life-changing opportunity. To learn the English language is a great way to be able to make good money while living overseas and this is a dream many want to experience. By completing a tefl course, one is on the way to living and teaching in another country. There are many specific reasons people should complete a tefl course. One of the most prominent is the chance to travel to another country, and both live and work among another culture and experience life somewhere out of your comfort zone. Nowadays, many young people go overseas and struggle to find fulltime work. This may be because of the recession, a lack of work experience or difficulties with completing paperwork to work in their chosen country. Once someone has committed to studying a tefl course, you can apply for numerous jobs with companies looking for teachers with a TEFL qualification and work towards a rewarding job as an English teacher. If you have an EU passport, work in Europe and the united kingdom is accessable. Furthermore, working visa's and holiday papers can be completed to apply for work in Asia and the Americas. Plus the language of the country you are going to work in does not have to be learned by a tefl teacher as the course is designed so that only the English language is ever spoken in the classroom. There is no reason to pull pints in a pub when you have a TEFL qualification as there are many employees out there looking to employ you. One more reason a person should complete a tefl course is that the English language becomes an interesting and unique topic to study. Many people believe because they are fluent in English and that it is their first language that a course learning to teach English as a second language couldn't be easier. However once you begin the course the irregularities and unusual patterns of the English language immerge. It is fascinating to re-learn the grammar and structure of English, as the teacher can then empathise with their students in the future as they have experienced the difficulties the English language can be to learn. It is surprising how hard it is to get your head around the unusual ways that the English language is formed, and it will be a challenge to answer some of the grammar and structure exercises, but once you have done these sections you will be aware of how difficult it will be for students to figure out and remember the weird ways the English language works. However, once you can teach students the unusual characteristics of the English language and they can start to get their head around the language, the satisfaction of opening other people's minds to a new language will be overwhelmingly rewarding. Another reason one should complete a TEFL couse is so they can pick up another language and become bilingual. The ability to speak another language is a very useful tool, in the professional sense and the personal sense as well. Being able to work in another country while speaking their language is something not many can say they have done in their lifetime. Higher paid jobs are offered to those who can speak the language of the country they are in, as well as the English language. Also travelling becomes a lot easier if one can speak the language of the country they are exploring. There is no point in writing off travelling in a new country if you can't speak their language. The more languages one knows the more they can travel and interact with the indigenous people of the country they are visiting. As Saint Augustine once said, ?The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page. I would definitely recommend anybody with an interest in travelling and working overseas to complete a tefl course. The English language is a fantastic language to learn and teach, plus the world is there to be discovered!