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A.C. - U.S.A. said:
Foreign Language Experience Clear Communication in the ClassroomI had been serving as an English Teacher in a foreign country for nine years without having completed a tefl course. I wanted to study a tefl course from the time I began teaching at the school I am currently teaching at. However, there were no courses being taught here locally. I then began researching universities in the U.S. that offered tefl courses, but that would have meant leaving my students for much longer than I was willing to do. When a friend mentioned this particular online course to me, I began preparations to enroll in the course. As I am nearing the end of the course, I can highly recommend to anyone that is interested in Teaching English as a foreign language to complete a course in TEFL. There are many reasons why one would want to complete a tefl course. The reasons that I am going to share are for any tefl teachers. The individual may be someone who is thinking about going into the field, in which case the course could help the person know if he/she is really interested in doing so or not. The course could be for directors or founders of institutions that may never actually give a class, but could train and/or better prepare others who come to serve at their institution in this area. The reasons also could apply for the teacher who is sure that he/she wants to teach English as a foreign language but would like to be as prepared as possible before beginning. Lastly, the teacher may be like me, who has jumped into the career without formal training but would still like to become a better teacher. To any of the above, please enjoy reading a few of the reasons why completing a tefl course like this one is a great idea! First, I would like to share why completing a tefl course has been a good idea for me. After teaching English as a foreign language for nine years, I actually had a list of questions that had come up over the years and were challenges for me as a teacher. During the course, all of these questions were answered! Imagine doing the same job for nine years and finally having someone address the challenges that one has been dealing with! What a great relief. It has been refreshing for me and my students, and for that reason I would like to recommend it to anyone interested in teaching English as a foreign language. Through completing a tefl course, a teacher can learn or refresh grammar skills which are very important to being able to teach English as a foreign language. I was very shaky in this area, and for fear to teach something the wrong way, I would completely avoid teaching certain tenses. After completing the tefl course, the fear is gone! Now I feel confident that even if I don´t know something, I know how to research it and then be able to teach it. Another area that most tefl courses will cover is the area of teaching strategies, which includes lesson planning and classroom management. These are two very critical aspects to providing a quality EFL course. Completing a tefl course allows the teacher to be better prepared to teach any EFL student, and will help the teacher to be more confident teaching wherever he/she may end up teaching. There are some places that will welcome any volunteer who knows English. However, there are more institutions that would prefer to hire a teacher who has already had training. Many tefl courses provide some type of certification document that could be beneficial in getting a job at a desired location. This helps the position to be more respected as well. Overall, I would highly recommend completing a tefl course, like this one, as it greatly increases one´s knowledge of the subject and will help one better as a professional teacher. Completing a tefl course will allow the teacher and students alike to have a more enjoyable experience.