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A. W. - Ireland said:
Why complete a T.E.F.L course Many people may ask themselves this question prior to completing a T.E.F.L course. Thankfully I am one of the lucky people who took the leap and completed a T.E.F.L. course and now I can honestly look back and say, there are a large number of benefits to completing a T.E.F.L. course. The course has a systematic- Unit by Unit approach & each Unit offers a different topic in order to improve your ability as a T.E.F.L teacher. Once you have absorbed the material in each Unit you must complete a Unit worksheet which tests your knowledge & understanding of the Unit. This is great as it allows you to work in a systematic manner and work your way up to the final unit. You feel a sense of achievement after completion of each Unit worksheet which is a great confidence boost. Throughout the T.E.F.L course you are given the opportunity to learn about a wide range of methods, techniques & approaches which can be used to teach English as a foreign language. This course shows you how to create interesting & varied lessons and ways in which to deal with the different types of students & learners. It is very beneficial and it will be great use in the future. During the course you are given numerous opportunities to use your own ideas to compose lessons and record them by means of a lesson plan. On completion of the course you can compose successful lessons by means of lesson plans. This will be of great importance in planning future lessons. T.E.F.L courses provide a large range of resources, games & activities which can be used in the classroom. This is an excellent resource and it will help keep your lessons fresh & varied in the future. You become aware of the importance of the first lesson with students & the need to establish good rapport from the beginning & to find out the level the students are at so you can plan future lessons. On a personal level, one of the important things I learnt during the course is about the formation & structure of English Grammar. I didn?t have a great knowledge of the rules prior to the course but now I have a better understanding & I will be able to pass on this knowledge to the students in my future classes. The grammar units are spread out over the course so it gives you time to absorb one rule before learning about a new one. The end of unit worksheet is extremely beneficial at the end of the grammar units as it gives you the opportunity to practise and familiarise yourself with the new grammar concept. T.E.F.L courses provide you with knowledge of the different categories who may decide to learn English. For example: young learners, adults or Business students. Also you are provided with information on methods to use when approaching the different types. For example: Different lesson format & strategies would have to be implied when teaching a group of business students as opposed to young children. It is important as the teacher you help the students to achieve the most from their lessons. After completing the T.E.F.L course you feel much wiser, confident & enthusiastic in your teaching. You are aware of the skills & qualities a good teacher must have & you hope in future years you will poses some of these qualities. Completing a T.E.F.L course is an enjoyable experience and from a personal point of view you have a greater knowledge & confidence in your own abilities at the end of it. I would defiantly recommend a T.E.F.L course to those who are interested.