Teach Business English and Teach to Young Learners

In addition to its main TEFL courses, ITTT also offers two specialised certificates in teaching business English and teaching English to young learners. These courses are a fantastic way to improve your teaching skills, enhance your CV and give you the edge in the employment market.

Each course has 50 hours of study time and 6 study modules. Both courses are available with or without the support of a highly experienced online tutor, feature continuous assessment and are completed 100% online. Successful completion of the course results in certification and graduates will receive an embossed hard copy certificate via registered mail. The courses also come with complimentary lesson plan access and lifetime job placement assistance. Many countries around the world are lowering the age at which their students start learning English and as a result the demand for qualified EFL teachers with additional certification in teaching young learners will only increase. Having ITTT's Certificate in Teaching English to Young Learners (CTEYL) under your belt puts you in front when it comes to job opportunities. ITTT's Certificate in Teaching Business English (CTBE) is ideal for those looking to teach English in the business sector. This is an ever growing market as more and more business communication is done between people whose only common language is English. Teaching business English can be a lucrative path to take, whether you decide to work in the sector full-time or supplement your income with part-time business English lessons. In both courses you will learn skills specific to the area you are studying from how to seek out and create appropriate materials for your lessons to how to plan and implement a syllabus based on the needs of your students. So if you see yourself working with young learners or with adults in the business world or both, taking a specialised course with ITTT is an excellent way to boost your skills and make yourself more appealing to potential employers.


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