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One More Look at Ways to Encourage EFL Students to Enjoy Learning

One More Look at Ways to Encourage EFL Students to Enjoy Learning | ITTT | TEFL Blog

For the past decades, English plays a major role in the international arena. It keeps us competitive for the rest of the world. It’s not a secret that for many countries English is a foreign language. In accordance with Kachru “Three circle model of World Englishness” (1988), Turkmenistan belongs to the third circle – expanding the circle and for us, English should be the target language. The target language due to cultural various and globalized world.

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International Phenomenon

The rapid spread of English language shifts the traditional form of English as a native language to teaching English as a foreign language. And the first person who opens a new door for students is a teacher. A lot of scholars, such as Kirkpatrick, Sharifian, McKay prepare materials and adapt them for such diversity and people needs English as an international language. English as a foreign language is an effective instrument for communication and globalization.

However, in spite of this recognition, English language teachers are ultimately faced with a lack of motivation among students. With a lack of motivation it is impossible to the learner and to achieve results. The famous psychologist, K. Platonov thinks that motivation is a combination of reasons and factors. And my experience in ESL teaching shows that the evaluation process of a teacher by students is one of the most important motivation aspects.

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Motivated Teacher - Motivated Students

The teacher creates students’ motivation through own experience and interest in this case. Based on the experience gained from the exciting review, the attitude toward a teacher automatically transformed into the subject and became a powerful tool for motivation. The EFL teacher should be not only a person but also an authority for students; the authority in a learning process and an ideal motivational tool.

Power of New Technologies

Thus, in order to be in trend and go hand in hand with young and future leaders of the county, EFL teachers can conduct video blogs for students, where they share not only with grammatical knowledge but also show possibilities for students in language implementation. For example, it will be very useful if the teacher will show the English language as a stepping stone for the greater career’s achievements or the use of English as a tool for producing and exchanging information. Another way for EFL teacher to show English as an international language is to conduct online reports from international conferences or use hobby as a fulcrum to achieve goals and share information.

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Personal Brand

There is no powerful enough to motivate students to study the English language as own positive example and teacher’s genuine interest in English language and culture. Such self-interest and a good knowledge of taught materials are powerful tools in the motivation process. Working in kindergarten, I could see on my personal experience, how it is important to be an authority for children. Children in kindergarten are less motivated than anyone else. And only personal charisma and example can motivate and pushes children to learn the English language.

It will be difficult to motivate students if EFL teacher will show weak position toward the English language. In order to motivate students, the teacher should highly motivate himself to use English in daily life.

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Are you ready to inspire EFL students all over the world?

For today, the knowledge of English language is a mandatory requirement for all international organizations; it pushes students to learn it, however, such a passive tool in the educational process can bring weak results. The own experience and monitoring highlighted the teacher’s identity as a strong motivational tool.

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