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Shikita Vuntarde, Trainee - ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ITTT

Home / Location / Barcelona / Gallery Barcelona / Gallery Shikita Vuntarde, Trainee TEFL Gallery - Shikita Vuntarde, Trainee Shikita joined our training course in Barcelona, Spain, and successfully completed her in-class training after 4 weeks. She is ready to start her global adventure and teach English around the world. Check out ITTT's Blog Posts  [Read more]

TEFL Spain - ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ Tefl In Spain Cuenca

TEFL in Spain / Cuenca (2) Date posted:2004-05-25 | Writer: TRIVIUM | Email: [email protected] EFL TEACHERS REQUIRED IN CUENCA (Castilla - La Mancha /SPAIN): Summer a/or academic year Our English department needs teachers who are: * TEFL qualified or similar or * Undergraduates wishing to spend their 3rd year abroad in Spain * Motivated and dedicated * Able to work well in a team as well as independently * Interested in Spain. Abiltiy to speak Spanish is not essential but an advantage * EU passport holder and native English speaker or Bilingual. What we offer: SUMMER COURSES 2004 * 3 week summer courses (4 hours daily teaching 9.30 am - 1.30 pm) . * Teaching students of all levels and ages. * Free accommodation in the Residencia Mayor San Juli?n. * 450.- per 3 week course (gross)....  [Read more]

TEFL Spain - ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ Efl Teachers Needed In Spain

EFL Teachers Needed in Spain Date posted:2010-03-02 | Writer: ModLang S.L. | Email: [email protected] EFL Teachers who enjoy working with children required to work onIntensive English and Sports Course for Spanish children, agedbetween 5 and 18, in Zaragoza, North East Spain, in July (start 19th June)and August (start 17th July) 2010.Contracts are usually for 4 weeks but 2, 6 or 8-week contracts are also available. Most staff arerequired between 19th June to 16th July so availability for thesedates is an advantage.Typical positions are full-time from Monday to Friday with weekends free. The course is essentially non-residential so Teachers are accommodated in shared apartments in the city centre and are taken by bus to the school each day, although some residential positions are...  [Read more]

Top 5 Countries to Teach English Abroad for History Buffs - TEFL Blog

Tue, 27 Aug 2019 Joanna Dineva Destinations Top 5 Countries to Teach English Abroad for History Buffs Teaching English abroad is a wonderful way to travel and experience new cultures. For those of us who also love to learn about ancient civilizations and learn from the past, there are a few countries that offer the chance to immerse yourself in history. I reviewed lists that ranked the best places to teach English abroad in 2019 based on a number of google searches, salary opportunities, and how many programs they offer and compare them to the lists of countries with the greatest historical significance and came up with a list of the top 5 countries to teach English abroad for history buffs.    Table of Contents 5. EGYPT 4. MEXICO 3. SPAIN 2. CHINA 1. JAPAN Related...  [Read more]

Top 7 Spanish Speaking Countries for Teaching English Abroad - TEFL Blog

Thu, 08 Mar 2018 Linda Dunsmore Destinations Top 7 Spanish Speaking Countries for Teaching English Abroad Learning a new language while teaching English abroad is a great way to immerse yourself into a new culture. On top of that, a new language skill will be a great advantage when applying for jobs back home when you decide to return. Table of Contents Listen to this blog post: 7. Teaching English in Costa Rica 6. Teaching English in Chile 5. Teaching English in Argentina 4. Teaching English in Peru 3. Teaching English in Spain 2. Teaching English in Colombia 1. Teaching English in Mexico Are you ready to teach English in a Spanish-speaking country? Check out what our course grads say in our many video testimonials! With over 400 million native speakers, Spanish is the second most...  [Read more]

TEFL Spain - page 1 - ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ TEFL Jobs in Spain

TEFL jobs in Spain The countrywide demand for TEFL teachers is permanent and year round in Spain. The number of TEFL jobs in Spain increases year by year and as a result, you can be sure that there will be a TEFL jobs available in all major cities. Language schools in smaller towns also have TEFL job openings, but many of these schools recruit through local media. View TEFL jobs in Spain here and contact schools directly. Visit Teaching English in Spain for further details on TEFL jobs in Spain. Visit TEFL Courses in Spain for World-class TEFL certification in Spain.  English Language Teacher Needed Immediately for School in Elche, Spain Writer: Barbara's School | Email: [email protected] A well-established, friendly but professional language school with a staff of...  [Read more]

TEFL Spain - ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ Tefl Certified Teacher Needed In Spain

TEFL Certified Teacher Needed in Spain Date posted:2015-06-09 | Writer: Top Talk English Academy | Email: [email protected] Top Talk English Academy is looking for a passionate and dedicated EFL teacher to work on a year's contract in northern Spain. At least one year's experience is necessary and a TESOL / TEFL certificate is a requirement. The job is stable and well-paid. You will have at least 25 hours per week and the hourly wage is 18€ plus Social Security. There are 22 paid working days per year in addition to public (bank) holidays. We can provide free accommodation for the first week, or until you find an apartment. The job would begin in late September and last until June of next year with the possibility of continuing for another year should you be interested. We will...  [Read more]

8 Best Places to Teach English Abroad for Food Lovers - TEFL Blog

Wed, 12 Dec 2018 Mark Crocker Destinations 8 Best Places to Teach English Abroad for Food Lovers One of the many benefits of teaching English abroad is that you can combine your new career with your own hobbies and passions in countries all over the world. If sampling new and exciting cuisine is your thing, then you will have plenty of great food loving destinations to choose from. Here is our pick of the best destinations where teaching jobs and great food options are both in abundance. Table of Contents 1. Spain 2. Thailand 3. Mexico 4. Vietnam 5. Japan 6. Italy 7. South Korea 8. China Listen to this blog post Are you ready to teach English and eat great food all over the world? Related Articles: 1. Spain Spain has historically had one of the biggest markets in Europe for ESL...  [Read more]

How long do TEFL contracts last? - ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ TEFL FAQs

How long do TEFL contracts last? Upon securing your TEFL certification and preparing for the next leg of your journey, understanding contract durations becomes crucial. Typically, TEFL contracts align with the academic calendar, often lasting for one academic year, which usually spans 10-12 months. While many institutions prefer this duration, some, especially summer camps or short-term programs, might offer shorter contracts. Thus, when signing a job contract, it is important to be aware of the commitment period. Table of Contents How long are TEFL contracts in Europe? How long are TEFL contracts in Asia? How long are TEFL contracts in Latin America? How long are TEFL contracts in the Middle East How long are TEFL contracts in Europe? In Europe, TEFL contracts predominantly span an...  [Read more]

TEFL Spain - ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ Tefl In Spain Miranda De Ebro

TEFL in Spain / Miranda de Ebro Date posted:2005-09-05 | Writer: Central Park Idiomas | Email: [email protected] Native, experienced EFL teacher with EU citizenship, required to work in Central Park Idiomas , a small , well established language school in Miranda de Ebro, (Burgos-north of Spain). Enthusiasm for teaching is essential, as is a friendly manner and willingness to work as part of a team. Contract from mid September-Oct 2005 to June-July 2006 renewable. 23 hours teaching a week guaranteed, working Monday to Thursday (some Fridays)teaching small groups of all levels and ages. Timetable divided between morning ( to prepare classes and some classes ) and evening classes 4-5pm to 10pm. The majority of classes are in the school but some may be off site. ( Transport is provided). -...  [Read more]

The 10 Best Destinations for Teaching English Abroad in 2018 - TEFL Blog

Tue, 27 Feb 2018 Linda Dunsmore Destinations The 10 Best Destinations for Teaching English Abroad in 2018 2018 is the perfect year to go and see the world. Currently, there are around 1.75 billion people speaking and learning English around the world and researchers say that by 2020 more than two billion people will speak and learn English. This means, now is the perfect time to embark on your adventure of teaching English abroad. Whether you are looking for opportunities in Asia, South America, the Middle East or Europe, qualified English teachers are hired everywhere. Even English-speaking countries have a never-before-seen demand for ESL teachers. Table of Contents 2018 is the perfect year to go and see the world. 10. Teaching English in Taiwan 9. Teaching English in Spain 8....  [Read more]

The 10 Best EFL Teaching Destinations for LGBTQ Teachers - TEFL Blog

Tue, 08 Sep 2020 Linda Dunsmore Visa and Legal Destinations TEFL Information Alumni Experiences The 10 Best EFL Teaching Destinations for LGBTQ Teachers Traveling abroad is an exciting but challenging adventure, for anyone. Still, teaching abroad as an LGBTQ person often means traveling has some added difficulties. It is more than likely that your adjustment to a new country will include more than culture shock and a language barrier. LGBTQ teachers have to deal with a lot of questions before deciding to teach English abroad: Table of Contents Here's the complete list of LGBTQ-friendly teaching destinations: 1. Uruguay 2. Spain 3. France 4. Argentina 5. Colombia 6. Malta 7. Thailand 8. Brazil 9. Germany 10. Taiwan Which of these LGBTQ Travel Destinations interests you the most?...  [Read more]

TEFL Spain - ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ Opportunities For Tefl Teachers In Spain

Opportunities For TEFL Teachers in Spain Date posted:2010-08-12 | Writer: Point-English | Email: [email protected] Point-English language school in San José de La Rinconada, Sevilla , Spain, has full time positions available for a 9 month contract commencing 1st October till the end of June. We require friendly and dedicated native English speaking TEFL teachers for our ever-expanding centre. We are located 10 minutes from the centre of Sevilla, the capital of Andalusia. Our students are young learners, teens and adults.Candidates should have:* University Degree* TEFL /TESOL / CELTA or Trinity* 1 year’s full time experience including with young children* EU passport or residency* A working knowledge of Spanish* Experience with and knowledge of YLE and UCLES exams an advantage, as...  [Read more]

How to Legally Teach English in Spain with a Student Visa - TEFL Blog

Mon, 09 Apr 2018 Mark Crocker Visa and Legal How to Legally Teach English in Spain with a Student Visa Spain is traditionally one of the most popular destinations in Europe for teaching English abroad due to the great climate, fascinating culture and large number of jobs on offer year round. However, as the process of obtaining a work visa for non-EU citizens can be a bit of a hassle, many employers choose to only hire teachers with an EU passport. If you are not from an EU country you can apply for a student visa which enables you to legally work as an English language teacher for a set number of hours every week. Table of Contents Listen to this blog post: Application process for a student visa in Spain Study Programs in Spain Why Learn Spanish? Where to study in Spain? The...  [Read more]

TEFL Spain - ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ Tefl In Guadalajara Spain

TEFL in Guadalajara, Spain Date posted:2005-09-13 | Writer: Anna Fernández Day | Email: [email protected] URGENT!!! Were are looking for EFL TEACHERS to teach English to children, teenagers and adults at all levels in Guadalajara, Spain (56 km from Madrid). Here is some information about the post: REQUIREMENTS Degree plus TEFL qualifications or experience. A driving licence and some knowledge of Spanish is helpful. FREELANCE JOB Teachers would commence on 3rd October, 2005 and end on 30th June, 2006. Monthly Freelance salary for a 16 hour week is approx. 960 An initial 16 hour week is offered, but this can be increased as the demand increases. WORKING HOURS Any time between 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., but most of the work is between 4 p.m. and 9 p.m. from Monday to Thursday, and...  [Read more]

TEFL Spain - ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ Full Time Tefl Job In Spain

Full time TEFL Job in Spain (2) Date posted:2014-07-16 | Writer: McGinty School of English | Email: [email protected] Well established private English language school in Almeria, Southern Spain requires three qualified EFL teachers to join an existing team of 26 full-time teachers. These are full-time teaching positions (max 25 contact hours per week) teaching general English and exam preparation courses to children from 4 years old, teenagers and adults. The successful candidates should be able to arrive in Almeria by early September to allow time to find suitable accommodation and attend pre-course teacher training sessions. Employment contracts start before the first teaching day to cover these paid for training days. The initial contract period is from 11th September (first day...  [Read more]

How long does it take to get a TEFL certificate? - ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ TEFL FAQs

How long does it take to get a TEFL certificate? The duration to obtain a TEFL certificate varies based on the chosen course. TEFL courses come in various formats: online, in-class, or a hybrid of both, each with distinct timelines. For instance, at ITTT, we offer a spectrum of courses with different lengths and study methods. Generally, courses can range from a fast-paced 4 weeks to more extended modules lasting several months, depending on the depth and mode of study. Table of Contents Which TEFL course can be completed the fastest? What about an in-class TEFL course? What about specialized and advanced TEFL courses? What is the maximum time limit for completing a TEFL course? Which TEFL course can be completed the fastest? For those seeking a swift TEFL qualification, there are...  [Read more]

TEFL Spain - ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ Tefl Certified Teachers Wanted In Spain

TEFL Certified Teachers Wanted in Spain Date posted:2013-11-25 | Writer: Number16 School of English | Email: [email protected] EFL Teachers required for leading English academy in Zaragoza. Due to high demand, we are looking for highly motivated, professional and enthusiastic native level English speakers. TEFL/TESOL/CELTA required as a minimum, however experience will be considered. We are looking for teachers with a passion for working with all ages, from 4 years old upwards. Possession of a full, clean driving license is an advantage - company car provided. Qualifications: TEFL/TESOL/CELTA or minimum 1 years experience teaching. Compensation: Full-time, stable position - minimum 1 year 34hour per week contract, of which 28hours are contact teaching. Competitive salary and excellent...  [Read more]

TEFL Spain - ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ Teach Efl In Spain 3

Teach EFL in Spain (4) Date posted:2015-05-11 | Writer: The Green Monkey | Email: [email protected] The Green Monkey is a growing language school in Madrid. We currently have 5 schools and are opening more in September. We are looking for full-time TEFL qualified teachers for the next academic year, September 2015 to June 2016. 25 teaching hours a week Sept to June, or possibly July. Salary 1200 per month net (after all taxes).We also pay holidays and there is an end of contract payment. We will help you find accommodation. Training and academic support provided. Maximum group size is 7 students and students are always streamed for level and age. There is always a course book available for the teacher to use. Basically a great place to work! And in a great city! Madrid is a fun...  [Read more]

TEFL Spain - ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ Immediate Tefl Jobs In Spain

Immediate TEFL Jobs in Spain Date posted:2017-01-10 | Writer: Meddeas | Email: [email protected] Language Assistants in Spanish Schools: Immediate Start (No Experience Required). Are you looking for professional experience in Spain? We have some TEFL positions available to start immediately, as well as programmes beginning in September 2017. Application period open now for students and recent graduates! No matter what your background and level of Spanish, there is a Meddeas program for you. Receive a monthly income, free ongoing training and the opportunity to explore a country. Do you want to live a once in a lifetime opportunity? During 6 months or one academic year, you will enroll a structured program and cooperate with 20 teaching hours a week in one of the 200 educational centres we...  [Read more]

TEFL Spain - ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ Tefl In Zaragoza Spain

TEFL in Zaragoza, Spain Date posted:2006-08-01 | Writer: Professional School of English | Email: [email protected]     General Information for candidates   History of the school   Professional School was founded in 1990, it grew steadily and slowly until 1997 when, with 160 students and 4 teachers, the school changed management. In 2001 Professional School (Sector Miguel Servet) moved to larger premises and in 2003 Professional School - Sector Actur the second school opened. The two schools currently have a total of 750 students and 14 teachers and is one of the largest English Language Schools in Zaragoza. Professional School Actur is also about to relocate to larger and more modern premises in August 2006.   Working at Professional School...  [Read more]

TEFL Spain - ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ Tefl In Spain Alicante 1

TEFL in Spain - Alicante Date posted:2005-07-21 | Writer: Bryan Whitman | Email: [email protected] Two Part-time dynamic and enthusiastic EFL teachers required to teach General English to : Young Learners (from 4 yrs to teens). Groups max 10-12 students. „` EnglishNet classes, Adults and young adults, (mix Computer & 1-2-1) „` In-Company courses. Business English 10 hr teaching contact per week.(possible overtime).Monday to Fridays;evenings between 5:30 to 8:30pm. Start 19th September 2005 Salary gross per month 375.00Euros Over-time at 12.00, Euros per hour Paid holidays. Heath Insurance included. Links to other teaching employment opportunities. Accommodation and flight not included. REQUIREMENTS: CELTA/TEFL qualification or similar(min 80 hours) University degree...  [Read more]

TEFL Spain - ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ Tefl Job In Spain 4

TEFL Job in Spain (4) Date posted:2016-01-07 | Writer: Talking English Academy | Email: [email protected] Talking English Academy is a private English school in the middle of Andalucía´s region and have the latest technology such as interactive boards and laptops for the students. We are looking for a dynamic English teacher to teach groups of infants, teenagers and adults in a private academy in Puente Genil (Córdoba). The currently available position offers a minimum of 16 hours of work a week in the afternoon and in the evening.   Teachers are usually expected to have a TEFL qualification such as a TEFL, CELTA or TESOL certificate. We also prefer our teachers to be able to speak some Spanish. If you want to gain experience as an EFL teacher and work in a fabulous working...  [Read more]

Top 6 Government-run TEFL Teacher Programs - TEFL Blog

Fri, 03 Nov 2023 Federico Riva TEFL Information Teaching Ideas Top 6 Government-run TEFL Teacher Programs Looking to embark on an adventure abroad while making a positive impact as an English teacher? Government-run TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) programs offer an incredible opportunity to do just that. These well-organized initiatives, often backed by various countries' governments, provide aspiring educators with a unique chance to teach English in foreign lands, all while gaining an unforgettable cross-cultural experience. Table of Contents 1. FEI/TAPIF — France: International/USA Applications and Eligibility 2. NET Scheme in Hong Kong How to Qualify for the HK NET Scheme Category One requires: 3. CETP Hungary Application Process 4. JET Japan Application...  [Read more]

TEFL Spain - ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ Tefl In Costa Brava Spain

TEFL in Costa Brava, Spain Date posted:2005-01-03 | Writer: The American British Teaching Group | Email: [email protected] We require two full-time Business English teachers for an in company contract in the Costa Brava region of Catalonia, Spain.       Two schedules are available: 08.00 - 13.00 (5 teaching hours) & 15.00 - 20.00 (5 teaching hours), Monday to Friday. Each class lasts one hour (50 mins) and each course lasts 40 hours. Group size is max 4 students.   Levels range from Elementary to High Intermediate. Emphasis of each course will be to consolidate and improve speaking and listening skills. For lower levels there will be greater emphasis on general English while the higher levels will focus on specific business communication. Classrooms are...  [Read more]

Which TEFL course is best? - ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ TEFL FAQs

Which TEFL course is best? When evaluating the best TEFL course, ITTT stands out for its global recognition and versatile options. ITTT TEFL certificates are respected worldwide, ensuring graduates can pursue teaching roles anywhere. Our comprehensive courses span from the industry-standard 120-hours to an extensive 550-hours. Many prospective English teachers prefer our online courses due to their affordability and flexible, self-paced format. However, ITTT also provides in-class courses that offer unique advantages, including immersive 4-week sessions. Table of Contents In-class TEFL course benefits Online course accreditation Which course? TEFL packages Going the extra mile In-class TEFL course benefits The in-class courses are structured 4-week courses with face-to-face instruction...  [Read more]

Do I need a degree to teach English abroad? - ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ TEFL FAQs

Do I need a degree to teach English abroad? As a result of government restrictions and official requirements for visa applications, there are a variety of countries where it is hard for teachers to find a job without having a 4-year university degree on their CV/resume. However, if you are able to be flexible and are willing to look for employment in areas where the demand is high and restrictions are less rigorous, TEFL qualified teachers without a degree can still have several great destinations to choose from. Table of Contents Will a TEFL certificate help me get a job if I don't have a degree? Where can I teach in Asia without a university degree? Where can I teach in Latin America without a degree? Where can I teach in Europe without a degree? Can I teach legally in China if I...  [Read more]

Do I need a degree to teach English abroad? - ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ TEFL FAQs

Do I need a degree to teach English abroad? As a result of government restrictions and official requirements for visa applications, there are a variety of countries where it is hard for teachers to find a job without having a 4-year university degree on their CV/resume. However, if you are able to be flexible and are willing to look for employment in areas where the demand is high and restrictions are less rigorous, TEFL qualified teachers without a degree can still have several great destinations to choose from. Will a TEFL certificate help me get a job if I don't have a degree? To increase your chances of landing a position in the country of your choice, it is highly recommended that you first complete an internationally accredited TEFL certification course. Those who are TEFL...  [Read more]

TEFL Spain - ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ English Teacher Needed For 2022 23 Academic Year In Spain

English Teacher for 2022-23 Academic Year in Spain Date posted:2022-07-14 | Writer: Moon English | Email: [email protected] MoonEnglish, an established academy in a residential area of Cáceres, is currently hiring a teacher of young learners (aged 4 to 10) for the 2022-23 academic year.The class size is 8-11 students and the focus is on communication and Cambridge Young Learners exam preparation (YL). We are looking for teachers who create fun, engaging classes that get students speaking in English and who are interested in learning about YL exams.This full-time position (22 contact hours per week) also involves two adult classes, which may be General English or Exam Preparation. A part-time option without any adults is possible if the teacher prefers (18 contact hours per week. Details...  [Read more]

5 Great Places to Teach English Abroad Without a Degree - TEFL Blog

Tue, 01 May 2018 Mark Crocker Destinations 5 Great Places to Teach English Abroad Without a Degree As there is a strong demand for English language teachers in countless countries in almost every region of the world, it is inevitable that the qualifications required by teachers will often vary. In some countries, it is government policy or a work visa requirement that teachers possess a four-year degree to be eligible to work legally. However, for those without a degree, there is no need to despair as there are also plenty of countries worldwide where you can confidently look for teaching jobs with no need to hold any specific academic qualifications. Table of Contents 1. Teaching English in Mexico 2. Teaching English in Cambodia 3. Teaching English in Spain 4. Teaching English in...  [Read more]

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