Teach English in Saudi Arabia,

Date posted:2009-01-05 | Writer: Skyline Global Solutions | Email: [email protected]

Skyline Global Solutions, a proven leader in recruiting in Saudi Arabia based in Philadelphia, PA. Is recruiting for TEFL qualified Native Canadian and American English Teachers with EXCELLENT tax free salary and benefit packages for their well known partner in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia!

Position Description:  To Teach Prescribed ESL Curriculum to Adults and in specific situations to Young learners . To assist in collecting ,collating and evaluating ESL delivery information and student data . To assist in providing periodic assessment , skill acquisition evaluation examinations and preparation of test result reports for their assigned classes . Assist in developing new or custom specific needs programs. Assist and manage where asked social activities for students and extracurricular assignments. Maintain and uphold the ethical and professional standards and guidelines decried in the academic policies of the Institution.  Requirements: The Prospective Instructor may posses at least one of the following credentials to qualify for this position:

Minimum of two years experience in a TESOL position following the award of TESOL/TEFL Certification required.   An Undergraduate Degree in Applied Linguistics/ TESOL Track ( BA / Applied Linguistics ). An Undergraduate Degree in Education with English Language Teaching Major ( B.A.Ed) A General Undergraduate Degree , preferably in Humanities with one of the TESL Certifications , TEFL-USA , TESOL-Canada , CELTA or Trinity College Diploma –UK. A Masters Degree in TESOL / Education with English Language Teaching Track. No Degree or Credential stated above that is not earned fulltime or part time in classroom shall not be acceptable. A B.A. Applied Linguistics or a B.A.Ed Degree supplemented by one of the Professional Certification shall earn extra points towards remuneration package.  Responsibilities:   The Instructor shall deliver a weekly course load of (30) Hours . Attendance at the job site shall be for a total of (45) Hours weekly. In many instances the Instructor may be required to work one Eight hour shift depending on the client discretion . Normal Working schedule at the main facility and in the Branches would be divided into two shifts, Mornings from 0800 Hours to 12 Noon and then evening shift fro 1630 Hours till 2100 Hours . On occasions the Instructor may be asked to discharge assignments on the week ends or after normal working hours, in which case the compensation shall be in lieu of the package stated in the remunerations package hereunder. The Instructor is expected to encourage extra-curricular activity that is imperative for the understanding of the culture of the English Language and its literature. The instructors shall be encouraged but not obliged to develop social activities for their students with the objective of practicing and learning English Language skills in real life simulated situations.  The compensation package shall contain the following items :   Net take home Salary in US Dollar denomination paid into the Instructor’s account monthly at the going rate to the Saudi Arabian Riyals. Generous Furnished Accommodation or housing allowance. Generous Food allowance. Generous Commuting allowance Comprehensive Medical Insurance for the Instructor and three of his immediate family members. Generous vacation package. Airfaire travel. Pro-bono repatriation to the country of origin in the event of an emergency . Overtime pay. Annual Salary increments and performance related bonuses . Subsidized tour to an Arab country once during the tenure of the Contract.

To apply, contact the e-mail address given on the job heading page.

Below you can read feedback from an ITTT graduate regarding one section of their online TEFL certification course. Each of our online courses is broken down into concise units that focus on specific areas of English language teaching.


There are 12 tenses, and there are 4 present tenses: present simple, present continuous (progressive), present perfect and present perfect continuous. Each of them has its form and usages. I appreciate the examples of typical student errors and teaching ideas for each present tense. Using this material will save a lot of time for preparing to the lessons. It was nice to get a reminder on non-progressive verbs.In this unit I have learned the common problem situation in your first lesson. I learned the different level of each student is important before teaching them. I have learned the different activities like warmer activities.I have come to the conclusion that students have different strenghts and weaknesses. I have learned how to work with large classes and what to do when students talk in their native language.