How can I teach English online and travel?

If you are yearning to break free from the daily grind and have a strong desire to explore the world, consider venturing into online English teaching. This form of English instruction allows you to operate from anywhere with a stable internet connection, eliminating the need for you to stay put. It also provides a sufficient income to cover your travel-related expenses.

What is required to teach English online and travel?

The answer isn't cut-and-dried since each online teaching platform has unique requirements. Some may necessitate a Bachelor’s degree, prior teaching experience, TEFL certification, or native English proficiency. But don't be disheartened if you lack a degree; many platforms don't demand it. If you haven't obtained a TEFL certification yet, you can enroll in a course and get certified in no time. While non-native speakers might have fewer options, the robust demand for English teachers worldwide still leaves room for plenty of opportunities.

Given the multitude of platforms, it is impractical to list their specific requirements. You can, however, get valuable insights from existing online teachers. Joining online communities comprising thousands of teachers eager to share their travel-teaching experiences can be beneficial. A quick Google search can lead you to such groups. Two recommended groups are Online ESL Job Reviews and Online ESL Teaching Jobs.

What are the technical requirements for teaching English online?

Beyond the basic prerequisites, you must also meet certain technical requirements, including a certain minimum internet download speed. While this varies across platforms, it is important to consider the internet infrastructure of your chosen travel destination. Opting for a region with patchy internet access wouldn't be prudent. However, don't let internet availability dictate all your travel choices; the journey is just as important as the teaching component!

Consider other factors such as lighting and sound quality since you will likely be instructing from non-conventional teaching spaces. Understand the rules and guidelines of your chosen platform to avoid any potential issues that might jeopardize your job, which would likely be funding your travels.

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What other attributes do online English teachers need when traveling and teaching?

Flexibility and creative problem-solving skills top the list of required attributes. Although a travel-teaching lifestyle is filled with excitement, it is also accompanied by challenges that can require quick adjustments. Internet issues are usually the most frequent hiccup. Therefore, being adaptable enough to find alternative accommodation or co-working spaces at short notice is crucial.

What to pack when teaching and traveling?

For digital nomads, it is essential to pack only the necessities, as each extra kilogram makes traveling more arduous. Besides personal items, you will need a bit of space for teaching materials and props. As traveling teachers can't lug around an array of teaching aids, it is best to carry a few basics like a small whiteboard and colored markers. You can acquire additional items as needed during your travels. Also, remember to pack necessary tech gear like a computer and a headset with a microphone.

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