Teachers Needed: Ibague, Colombia (3)

Date posted:2007-01-04 | Writer: Native Tongue | Email: [email protected]

Native Tongue is Canadian owned and operated, in its fifth year of operation and is registered with the Secretary of Education in the city of Ibague, Colombia. Located 200 km. South-West of Bogota, Ibague is a city of 500, 000 inhabitants with most modern amenities. The city is situated in a valley surrounded by tropical mountains and has a climate that is near perfect, normally reaching 28 and dropping to 18 at night. Although Colombia does have some political and economic problems, safety is no more a concern than it would be in any large North American city. The people are very sociable and the city is vibrant with activity and nightlife. The classrooms, equipment and ideas are all modern and classes are very dynamic for both the student and teacher.

We are looking for experienced teachers to start work in January and February 2007. A clear voice with a neutral 'North American' accent is important. An outgoing, energetic person is a must. Spanish is not necessary.

We offer:
-A salary of 1,000,000 Colombian Pesos monthly (approx. $500.00 Canadian).
-Airfare compensation of 2,400,000 Colombian Pesos (approx. $1, 200.00 Canadian), paid upon completion of a one-year contract.
-A written contract which meets all local standards and practices.
-Full assistance in obtaining a work-visa, paid for by the school. All foreign teachers at Native Tongue require a work-visa. For your own security please do not accept positions at other schools without a visa, as it is illegal and has serious consequences in Colombia.
-Medical insurance paid in full by the school. This is a broad coverage including emergency and regular care as well as drug and dental.
-A secure and modern apartment, fully furnished with three bedrooms and two bathrooms paid for in full by the school. All utilities including local telephone, cable TV and high-speed Internet are included. The apartment is very large, shared among two or three teachers and includes a separate open terrace for relaxing or entertaining. It is a 30-minute walk or 5-minute drive between the school and apartment.
-Maid service twice a week, paid for by the school.
-Three weeks paid vacation, one week at Christmas, one at Easter and one in late June.
-One month unpaid vacation in either January or December is negotiable (great for travelling).
-Airport reception in Bogota and transportation to Ibague.
-Full academic support including the direction and materials needed to teach your classes.
-Possible contract renewals including other school locations and management positions.

The cost of living in Ibague is relatively low, even compared to Bogota. The salary is sufficient to live comfortably including regular eating-out and entertainment, however one shouldn't expect to leave with savings or pay previous debts.

We require:
-A native English speaker willing to sign a one-year contract.
-Experience in teaching English, preferably EFL overseas.
-An English teaching certificate is a must (TESOL etc.). No degree is required.
-25 hours per week of in-class teaching at various times from 7:00am - 9:00pm Tuesday through Friday and Saturday 8:00am - 1:00pm. There are no classes Sunday and Monday.
You may be required to work 'split-shifts', for example mornings and evenings.
-One to teach classes of all levels and ages. The majority of students are young adults and class sizes are typically up to 15 (occasionally special groups are larger).
-A professional attitude. Although teaching overseas is all about the experience of travelling and being immersed into new cultures, Native Tongue abides by its contracts and expects teachers to do the same.

To be considered for a position:
Send by e-mail a cover letter and complete resume including a telephone number and your photo. Do not include certificates, diplomas or letters of reference (these may be requested at a later time).
Your e-mail will be reviewed ONLY if you follow these instructions.
Please be prepared to demonstrate your English by phone. If English is not your first language please do not apply.
If you are not serious about accepting this position, or are not available when required please do not apply at this time.
If you qualify you will be contacted, at which time we will answer any questions you may have. Due to the volume of e-mails received, not all applicants will be contacted, but please watch for future job postings and re-apply.

E-mail: [email protected]

Shawn Miranda,
Canadian Operations,
Native Tongue,
Ibague, Colombia.

Below you can read feedback from an ITTT graduate regarding one section of their online TEFL certification course. Each of our online courses is broken down into concise units that focus on specific areas of English language teaching.


Again, I find that it is difficult to logically order tenses. However, the introduction to this unit has insightful paragraphs regarding standardization among continuous, perfect, and perfect continuous forms which did help somewhat. Mastering the formal classifications of these forms may simply be a function of rote memorization for the time being. I anticipate these divisions coming more easily with continued use.I suppose the descipline matter is one of the most important. It is a hard job to fihure out the student personality and act in a way it let the class run smoothly. IT NEEDS to come with a practice and be analyzed by teacher after every class finished. teacher must think about the students he has come to be a teache rand analyze, how to to better. every teacher must have and show its good moral spine and confidence.