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  •  EFL teachers needed for language school in Cuenca, Ecuador


    Writer: Foundation CEDEI | Email: [email protected]

    CEDEI’s English Program seeks qualified EFL teachers to start January 2023, for a minimum of nine months. Foundation CEDEI is a non-profit institution of higher learning. Teachers have approximately 20 contact hours per week (generally four classes assigned per cycle). Most classes are Monday-Saturday.

    Salary and benefits
    Compensation: $7.30 an hour (50-hour / 40-hour courses), $8.00 an hour for Saturday courses. Teachers with an MA in Education are paid $7.80 an hour (50-hour/40-hour courses).
    Instructors teach at least four classes and are able to request additional classes and/or tutorials, if available. Foundation CEDEI is a non-profit organization and while teachers don’t earn a lot of money by international standards, they do earn enough to live comfortably in Ecuador and gain much...   Read more

  •  ESL Teachers Wanted in Guatemala


    Writer: Maximo Nivel | Email: [email protected]

    Maximo Nivel is a leading ESL institute in Latin America. We are looking for great ESL teachers to join our teaching team in Antigua, Guatemala. Maximo Nivel is well known for our "Native English Program," our professionalism, and our dedication to excellent teaching and great client service. We are a hard-working and professional group—and these are the kind of teachers we look for.

    ESL teachers teach 30 contact hours per week, Monday - Friday. Class size is limited to 12 learners. Most teachers teach a range of levels from Basic to Advanced. The majority of our learners are young adults, 18-30 years old, and some teens.

    We pride ourselves on our teachers, and it is important that you take pride in your teaching. We specifically look for professionals with a passion for teaching. We...   Read more

  •  Teach English in Cucuyagua, Honduras


    Writer: Blue Oaks Bilingual School | Email: [email protected]

    Our school is looking for teachers who would like to experience life in Latin America, specifically in Honduras, we are located in the western side of Honduras just an hour away from the border with Guatemala and El Salvador.

    Cucuyagua is a town that has grown in spirit and size but has preserved its identity and heart since colonial times, picturing a beautiful downtown where we pride on having one the top 5 speciality coffees in the world.

    Provided Benefits

    • 14,800. Lempiras (approx. 600 USD), per month

    • Rent

    • Flight refundpayable upon completion of first half of contract (maximum $600)

    • Refund of flight to home country- payable upon completion of the contract.

    • Traveling opportunities on our end.


    • 25 to 30 hours per week teaching time, 10 hours a week for planning, job...   Read more

  •  English Teachers Wanted in the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador


    Writer: Galapagos Language Academy | Email: [email protected]

    We are looking for three TEFL teachers, short term (3 months) and long term (6 months) positions for our academic year, and a Senior teacher.

    Full induction, support and ongoing training given.
    For teaching job: 30 hours weekly Monday - Friday/start date May 2nd, 2022.
    For teaching job: On your application state if you are applying for 3/6 months position.

    Details of Position
    Galapagos Language Academy is located in Puerto Ayora, the town with the largest population of all the Galapagos Islands with over 15,000 residents scattered in small villages across the island. It is also home to the largest port and offers the greatest variety of accommodations, restaurants, recreation and activities. The school provides a very open, personable and enjoyable atmosphere, we teach English to people of...   Read more

  •  English Teachers Wanted in Honduras


    Writer: Abundant Life Christian School | Email: [email protected]

    Abundant Life Christian Schools are looking for English Teachers who are willing to teach Literature and Grammar during the 2022 - 2023 school year. This is a wonderful opportunity to make a difference in the country of Honduras. Abundant Life Christian Schools seeks to serve students from all different social and economic situations in the mountains of Honduras.   

    We primarily search for staff for our more rural schools. These are areas that traditionally have not had access to high-quality education.

    Vision: Our vision is to fill Honduras and the world with a family of heavenly men and women, reliable and capable to assume responsibilities as good stewards.

    Mission: Our mission is to educate students with excellence and total dedication; we have faith that each student has intrinsic...   Read more

  •  Teachers Needed in the Dominican Republic


    Writer: Jarabacoa Christian School | Email: [email protected]

    JCS is a non-profit organization. It was founded by Christians but it is open to different denominations; respecting the differences in beliefs that may arise from them. It is a community-based private bilingual school with approximately 250 students. The school is located up in the mountains in a beautiful, peaceful, and slow-paced town called Jarabacoa. It is located an hour's drive from Santiago, a two-hour drive from Puerto Plata, and from Santo Domingo (the capital city of the Dominican Republic). The nearest airport to Jarabacoa is Aeropuerto Internacional del Cibao (code STI), found in Santiago.


    1.    ESL Teacher
    2.    Elementary Homeroom Teacher (various grades)
    3.    High School Science Teacher
    4.    High School English Teacher

    Full-time teacher (7:30...   Read more

  •  ESL Teaching Position in Loja, Ecuador


    Writer: The Canadian House Center | Email: [email protected]

    [email protected]       

    This outstanding English academy in the southern region of Ecuador celebrated its 10 year anniversary in 2018. While they continue to grow they welcome teachers who are proficient in English and engaging for students.

    At their two campuses in Loja, they teach beginners through post-grad classes as well as private lessons. The adult campus, which is located downtown, attracts university students and professionals, whereas the children’s campus appeals to children (and their parents).

    Youngsters from 3 years old through to high school age learn through an interactive curriculum, technological classroom presentation tools and lively teachers.

    Job description
    • Attending school activities and events.
    • Prepare English classes.
    • Teach kids, teenagers, and adults...   Read more

  •  ESL Teacher Needed in Bolivia


    Writer: Instituto Exclusivo, IE. | Email: [email protected]

    Instituto Exclusivo is looking for an experienced ESL teacher to work full time at our language school in La Paz, Bolivia. Our classes are mostly individual and are tailor made to the needs of the student. We require creative and motivated teachers comfortable in a 1-1 setting. Classes are given onsite, offsite and online. We teach all ages and levels, as well as give TOEFL exam preparation.

    - TEFL, CELTA or equivalent
    - Previous experience
    - Experience preparing students for TOEFL examination
    - Willingness to give classes online
    - A flexible and positive approach

    Job benefits:
    - Fixed salary per month (negotiable dependent on experience) upon completion of an initial 3 month trial period.
    - Assistance and reimbursement for visa costs
    - Wide range of resources and materials
    -...   Read more

  •  English Teaching Opportunity in Dominican Republic


    Writer: The Esperanza Project | Email: [email protected]

    This is a great, last minute job opportunity for an ESL/EFL elementary teacher ready to take the leap and make a move to the beautiful town of Cabrera, Dominican Republic.

    We are looking for an elementary teacher who would work with students ranging in age from about 6 to 14, but mainly with the 6 to 8 year olds. We are a Canadian non-profit and provide low cost to free education for the local children in the area, so it isn’t a position where you’d be saving money or paying off loans but it is a good salary for her in the DR and will be enough to allow you to live comfortably while here, as well as providing you with an amazing, once in a life time experience.

    The position is:
    Monday to Thursday 8:00am to 3:30pm
    Fridays 8:00am to 12:00pm

    25 000 Dominican pesos monthly
    (For comparison - It...   Read more

  •  ESL Instructors Needed for Online and In-Person Teaching in Ecuador


    Writer: Fulbright Commission ETP | Email: [email protected]

    The Fulbright Commission ETP is looking for qualified and enthusiastic instructors to join our team. Looking for instructors interested in teaching adult students with an intermediate level of English. Available schedules are 7-9 AM, 5-7 PM and 7-9 PM (Bogota time). Students are young working professionals and students interested in improving their English to work or study abroad (predominantly the UK and USA). Students enter with around a B1 level of English and by the end of the program have somewhere between a B2+ and C2 level of English.

    Salary and benefits
    Approximately 310 per dollars per class per month.
    Paid vacations.
    Small community of tight knit teachers (18 instructors at present)
    Full timers receive insurance.

    TEFL, CELTA or advanced teaching certificate preferred.   Read more

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