Pereira, Colombia - English job offered

Date posted:2006-02-01 | Writer: Maria Helena Garcia | Email: [email protected]

A private school in Pereira is looking for two NATIVE Canadian teachers to teach ESL, Maths and Sciences to kids until grade 7.A young couple is welcome.

The school provides airfare, visa expenses, montly salary Col. pesos, small shared, furnished apartment, health care, lunch and transportation.

The requirements are:

Be native Canadian English speakers, have a certification to teach English, Tesol, Tefl, Teaching kids.
At least one year of experience.
Commitment to one year contract, with the kids, and the staff.
Be stable, flexible, dynamic, and love kids and teach..

We provide an excellent environment, friendly staff, loving kids, beautiful small, shared apartment, Pereira has an excellent climate around the year.

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This is a very good lesson for teaching beginners, students with having trouble learning in class and problems that occur during an EFL class. I generally do things similar to this, if not ways of solving problems like these. The teaching of difficult English before starting the lesson is new to me, I never thought of trying that. Making the class fun and not showing favor to students, low or high level, is very good.This unit provided me a very solid knowledge of resources available to support teachers in and out of class, both to prepare and tackle lessons. I think nowadays interactive technologies should not be underestimated because they can really improve the quality of lessons and make everything more enjoyable for students. On the other side, overuse is a risk and sometimes 'old style' frontal lessons could be more productive.