EFL Instructor Needed in The Galapagos, Ecuador

Date posted:2017-04-19 | Writer: GAIAS Instituto de Idiomas | Email: [email protected]

GAIAS Instituto de Idiomas is seeking energetic, motivated, proactive, creative and flexible English teachers in one of the most unique places in the world – the Galápagos Islands! Use your TEFL skills to become part of an internationally diverse faculty and staff at the Universidad San Francisco de Quito (USFQ) Galápagos in Santa Cruz or in San Cristóbal. The University’s popular English program has been operating on San Cristóbal Island for over ten years, and has recently opened a new Language Institute on Santa Cruz, the most-populated island of the archipelago. We provide English as a Foreign Language classes to children, high school students, traditional university students (completion of our English program is a requirement for students at USFQ), as well as adult community members (typically National Park guides, doctors, policemen and women, researchers or tour operators).

As part of our ESL program, you will be expected to teach approximately 25 contact hours a week. Teachers are required to schedule one office hour every week as well as participate in occasional professional development and extra-curricular activities. During your 12-month contract, you’ll teach a variety of classes to children (ages 8-11), teenagers (ages 12-17), and adults (ages 18 and up). Classrooms are equipped with projectors and white boards. Basic art supplies and materials are also provided.

Applicants must pay for their travel expenses to the Galapagos. A bonus is given to teachers who successfully complete their contracts.

Here on the islands we have free access to basic healthcare, but if so desired, you may pay for your own travel medical insurance. USFQ will be responsible for covering the costs of acquiring the necessary visa.


• University/Bachelor's degree

• 120+ hour TEFL/CELTA/TESOL certificate

• At least 1 year of prior teaching experience

• An interest in Ecuadorian culture


• Masters Degree in TESOL, Teaching or related field

• 2+ years of EFL/ESL experience

• Conversational Spanish skills


• A monthly stipend of $600.00 USD

• Accommodation in a fully furnished house (includes shared kitchen and bathroom facilities)

• Free access to basic health care

• Visa and related expenses

***As of MARCH 2017, all work visa applicants to Ecuador must submit a national criminal background check with apostille.***

While you are considered a volunteer due to your visa status on the islands, and therefore not allowed to volunteer or work in any other institution or agency during your teaching contract, there are occasionally opportunities to earn additional income through tutoring or teaching additional classes.


Please send the following materials to the Department of English Language and Exchange at the email address given on the job heading.

• Cover letter

• CV

• Copies of relevant degrees and TEFL/CELTA/TESOL certificate

• 2 professional references (one from a current or recent supervisor and another from someone who can speak to your teaching experience)

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Below you can read feedback from an ITTT graduate regarding one section of their online TEFL certification course. Each of our online courses is broken down into concise units that focus on specific areas of English language teaching.


In this unit I have learned ; The roles of the teacher; manager or control, organizer, assessor, prompter, participant, tutor, facilitator, model and observer. what make a good learners, what make a good teachers, how to classify language levels.The difference between young and adult learners, manager a classroom, how to make students motivated Indeed this unit is so helpful.Unit 19 discusses \"special groups\" and provides a guideline of expectations you can have based on the type of special group, such as individuals, children, multi-lingual classrooms, and Business English learners. Each special group has its' own needs and abilities, and as a teacher you have to set your expectations based on those needs, and adjust your teaching techniques accordingly.