Specialist English Teachers Required for Summer Program

Date posted:2008-01-22 | Writer: Project International | Email: [email protected]

Project is a leading incoming youth tour operator to the UK with experience dating back to 1986 and a reputation for quality,
safety and attention to detail. In 2007 we welcomed students from more than 22 different countries, making our courses, and general outlook, truly international. We have camps in Kent, Lancaster, Dorset, Uttoxeter and Norfolk.We are currently seeking vibrant, qualified English teachers for our international summer programes in 2008. 

We have senior positions available (in charge of different areas of the programme i.e. activities, excursions, social programme, welfare etc.) in addition to other positions that do not carry the same weight of responsibility.

The job will involve teaching of English as a foreign language in addition to organisation of activities (sporting & non sporting), helping out with social events in the evenings, escorting excursions, and being rostered on to day and evening residential duties.

The positions are residential and no charge is made for food or accommodation. This does mean, that potentially, you are 'on call' 24hrs a day but staff are given a day off each week, as well as (where possible), a session (morning, afternoon, or evening) off per day. PI require all teachers to be native English speakers.

The job is great fun, you become part of a closely knit and friendly team and you make many new friends and contacts. You are also working in a healthy environment, with excellent facilities and you learn a lot about yourself! Of course the job is demanding but tremendously rewarding too. As a teacher you will gain a lot of fulfilment from a residential programme where you get to know the students in an informal, as well as formal, situation.

Teachers should ideally hold a UK visa/work permission..

If you are interested please send the application form to Tim Precious (0207 916 2522) at the following address.
Thank you for your interest!

20 Fitzroy Square, London, WIT 6EJ or alternatively recruitment

Below you can read feedback from an ITTT graduate regarding one section of their online TEFL certification course. Each of our online courses is broken down into concise units that focus on specific areas of English language teaching.


While writing on the board, a teacher should focus on putting down only the important points because students copy whatever has been written on the board. A teacher should also avoid using capitalized letters while writing on the board as capital letters are difficult to read compared to small letters. Written and recorded materials for example; CDs, DVDs provide students with authentic audio and visual materials.This unit was about conditionals and reported speech. It taught about zero, first, second, third, and mixed conditionals. It also taught about reported and direct speech. I learned that knowing which conditional is being used has a huge impact on the meaning of the sentence. I especially learned a lot about how to report speech. When reporting speech it is important to usually change your verb tense and pronouns.