EFL Teachers Urgently required in Hastings, England

Date posted:2017-03-01 | Writer: Language Kingdom SL | Email: [email protected]

Activity leaders and EFL teachers needed for Language Kingdom SL, a Spanish company located in Hastings. We send 2,000 students each year from Spain and we are recruiting TEFL qualified staff to work in Hastings. Language Kingdom is a company located in Oviedo, Asturias. It is a city placed in the north of Spain. We also have an office in Madrid and some other places. LK is a national company focusing on language teaching and immersion programs in Spain and abroad.


We are a passionate national company where you could develop your TEFL skills or as an Activity Leader. We are recruiting dynamic Activity Leaders who already have the experience and the knowledge to teach English to students from 12 years old to 18.

Your role as Activity Leader would be to lead all the activities we do in Hastings and around (London and Brighton). Morning, afternoon or night activities are currently in our schedule.

Moreover, candidates who have proved their value could apply for a full-time vacancy in Spain the following year, so if you want to move to Spain, there will be an option with us.


We offer a competitive salary


1 year teaching experience working with teenagers

TEFL, TESOL or similar

We will value positively to have the Spanish NIE number, but it is not compulsory

We will value positively to be self-employed, but it is not compulsory


Applicants should send an email with the following documents to the address given on the job heading: 

- CV 

- Cover letter 

- Recent photo 

We aim to reply to all applications and we look forward to hearing from you.       

Language Kingdom SL

C/Ramón Prieto Bances, 4,

33011 Oviedo,


Tel:+34 984 299 192

Below you can read feedback from an ITTT graduate regarding one section of their online TEFL certification course. Each of our online courses is broken down into concise units that focus on specific areas of English language teaching.


After watching and reading the Unit 11, I gain understanding of what is Receptive skills. Receptive skills are considered to be Reading and Listening. What I have learned the you can use ESA Methods with them. For example you can use the Straight Arrow with are Engage Study and Active or you can use the Patchwork which are Engage 1 Study 1 Engage 2 study 2 Active 1 Study 3, and Active 2This unit examined the teaching of the productive skills of speaking and writing. From it I have learned at what stages of the lesson I as a teacher needed to focus on my students' fluency versus accuracy. I have also learned that the productive skill of writing was often overlooked in classes and will make sure to integrate it into my own by using games and other appropriate activities.