TEFL Job in Brazil

Date posted:2009-05-12 | Writer: Supreme Language School | Email: [email protected]

We are a very successful small school located in a tropical island in the northeast of Brazil. For 12 years we´ve held partnerships with big multinationals, training their staff as well as the general public on the island. We have one-to-one classes or groups with not more than 8 students. We are currently looking for TEFL qualified teachers who are capable of teaching all levels of English. For more information, contact us at the e-mail address given on the job heading.

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The past tenses are similar to the present tenses but with different time period and verb forms.It instructed also by the form,usages,common mistakes or errors and sample activate teaching ideas. After the learning of the tenses,it's obvious that the usages of a tense are important for language learners to analysis the differences among tenses.I will focus on the usages of a tense in my following-up teaching.There is a wide variety of methodologies for teaching English. Regardless of the method used, students should have a high level of exposure to the language and be encouraged to experiment. In the \"Engage, Study, Activate\" method, the teacher attempts first to get the students involved and invested in the lesson, then to overview concepts to be studied, then to have the students use what they have learned.