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G.R. - Libya said:
English as a Global LanguageThe Christian Bible explains the advent of different languages and ever since that event communication between people of different languages had been a problem. During modern times people are no longer separated by distance and there is continued interaction between different nationalities, the most common being trading for business purposes. Communication due to different languages is becoming more and more problematic and it is not always possible or feasible to have an interpreter on hand. In an attempt to bridge this problem people tend to acquire a second language to assist them in their dealings with different countries and nationalities. Having recently lived in a country where English (or any other second language) was shunned for the last 40 years it was extremely difficult to communicate with the local people and to even get basic instructions across. There is a whole generation of people who speak one language and one language only. Anybody who does not speak the local language has no hope of communicating with them. This convinced me of the need for a Global Language. Being able to communicate in a global language will be beneficial for any country. It will open borders for trade and development and will be for the natural good and benefit of an entire country. Although English was recently reintroduced in the schools of this country, it still proves a problem since the teachers has no or very limited knowledge of English and are struggling to teach a subject they have no knowledge of. The result is student who struggle with Basic English and even incorrect language being taught. Choosing second languages could however be a daunting task. The chosen second language needs to be a common language most likely to be used by the other parties such a person has contact with over the wider geographical spectrum. Statistics regarding languages reveal that chinese and English are the most spoken languages in the world. However, although chinese is one of the most spoken languages it is mostly used by chinese people in their own country, the reasons being that china is such a vast country and since china has one of the largest populations in the world. Choosing chinese as a global language because it is the most spoken language would not be of much use since it is mostly spoken in china and will only be relevant if you intend to live or do business in china. chinese will be of little use anywhere else in the world. English on the other hand is the other most spoken language. However, unlike chinese it is spoken in almost every country in the world. The fact that so many people already speak English in so many different countries makes it the ideal candidate for a Global Language. English may not be the easiest language to master, but it is the most spoken of the biggest part of the globe. The English Language is particularly difficult to grasp for people who try to acquire it at an older age. For this reason it is recommended the English be taught, not as a Second Language, but as a Global Language in schools across the globe. This will enable many people of many nationalities to acquire the language from a very young age when they are more susceptible to new languages and will improve their future chances of success in the world.