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G.C. - U.S.A. said:
Online Vs OnsiteWhen one decides they want to pursue teaching English as a foreign language they will most likely need one form or another of certificate saying they are certified to teach. Usually they will have two or possibly three ways to go about it. They can either take an online tefl course, an onsite tefl course, or more recently, a combination of the two. Each has their pros and cons and the prospective student should review them carefully before making a decision. Ultimately, the student will have to decide based on which course is best for them. One of the major benefits of online tefl courses is convenience. Many people are not able to take a month out of their lives to commit to an onsite tefl course. Whether it is because of their job or other commitments, an online tefl course provides an opportunity to take a class they otherwise would not have been able to complete. Flexibility, another benefit of online courses, goes hand in hand with their convenience. Perhaps the student has a 50 hour work week or maybe they have more time one week then the next. online courses allow them to complete the material when they have the time without disrupting their day to day lives. On a similar note, not everyone does well in a rigorous course where all the material is packed into 4 weeks and therefore may benefit from setting their own pace in an online course. However, the learning experience may not be as concentrated based upon the amount of time taken to complete the course and the student may not get as much out of it compared to an onsite course. Another benefit of online courses is that they are cheaper. Not only is the cost of the course itself cheaper, but the student does not have to pay for travel, accommodation and food costs all associated with taking an onsite tefl course. Taking an online course from the convenience of home allows an opportunity to receive training while not forcing the student to any big commitments. While online courses have many benefits they also have a number of drawbacks. This is where onsite courses tend to outshine online courses. Taking an onsite class provides hands-on training that an online tutor cannot match. Experienced staff and teachers are there to answer any questions and help resolve any problems the student might be having. A tutor can also help answer questions, but it?s not the same when you may have to wait a whole day or even longer if it?s the weekend to get a response. Nothing beats being face to face with the person you are learning from. onsite courses also provide observation and participation in actual teaching practice, an invaluable advantage to someone who is training to become a teacher. Many employers also require that a prospective employee has had training experience in the classroom. online courses are relatively new compared to onsite courses and are more readily accepted. Along with these benefits, onsite courses have teaching materials on hand to help teachers plan lessons and have better job hunting resources for students to take advantage of, especially if they are looking for employment in the country their tefl course is in. Training in the country the student wants to work in also provides the opportunity to grow accustomed to cultural and lingual differences while making contacts in the teaching industry. Finally, it is the dream of many foreign language teachers to travel and onsite courses are held all over the world. One would be hard-pressed to think of a better way to start their journey.