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F.R. - U.S.A. said:
Teaching English in JapanWhen it comes to TEFL or even tesol the possibility of what you can achieve is endless. Once you do become eligible to begin a career in teaching what you wish to do is completely up to you and your aspirations. You can choose to remain in the states and choose to do private lessons or decide to teach in a Language institute. But I believe one of the best route one can take is teaching abroad. Now to some it may be a frightening leap to take, but the best way to over come height, is to jump from the highest place possible. One possibility one may take is to teach in japan, "Land of the Rising Sun". Now achieving such a big step isn't as easy as just buying a one-way plane tickets and expect everything to be handed to you. There are countless of obstacles that lie in your path, not to mention the sheer determination one must have to aspire. Before any traveling can be done, one must research what can be expected in the English teaching job markets. Sure there may be plenty of positions available, but that doesn't mean that a job is secure just by applying. There are numerous of institutes that hires teachers. There are the super-giant chains that have branches spread out through out all the regions, usually this naturally would be the obvious choice. Problem with this is ownership and operations are very unstable and you can end up jobless alongside a mass of other individual. So before narrowing down choices in which one would like to work, one must be open to any possible opportunity that may come. So now that you have one of the most important aspects in mind, you must literally investigate your surroundings. Just like a sniper and his spotter on a reconnaissance mission, careful understanding is key to your "survival" in Japan. It is said that rent in Japan is out of this world, but this fact can swing in both ways. While it is true that apartments do tend to have a much higher rate, the same way works for smaller cities in which rent do tend to have lower rates. Tokyo can be one of the most overwhelming cities Japan has to offer alongside with Osaka. These cities are filled with interesting "culture" and can be a ideal place for an outgoing person to reside in. But to those who prefer more relax and tranquil cities, usually cities up north can be what you may be looking for. Now that we have job search and what to expect from different types of cities, comes the demographic element to it all. Japan as near "utopian" it may seem, it does have a long and in depth history. Compared to what is seen in the USA, Japan seem to live a life, of modesty and humility. It is extremely common to see citizens bowing to each other in form of greetings,apologizing, and another way of showing respect. You must learn that you are a visitor in their country and must learn to be open-minded to their customs and beliefs. You as a "sensei", have the obligation to not only teach them the English language but to also guide them the best way you can. "Deru kugi wa utareru", translate into the nail that sticks out gets hammered. So while in Japan arrogance will usually get you labeled as a ignorant foreigner and respect towards you will be low. To sum it all up, teaching in japan can be a very emotional, but very powerful experience one can have. If a teacher really loves what they do, teaching in Japan can be a dream one can attain through dedications and discipline. Not only will you help children and/or adults learn the English language, you will become accustomed to the lifestyle and Japan eventually will grown on to you. I, strongly hope, that I will get the opportunity to teach in japan. There is nothing I wouldn't do for a chance to live out my life, and I will strive to become one of the best English teacher Japan will have.