How do I get a job teaching English in Cambodia?

Cambodia is rapidly establishing itself as one of the most promising TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) destinations in Southeast Asia. Boasting a vibrant culture and breathtaking landscapes, it captivates an increasing number of foreign teachers who choose to call it home. The country's most renowned gem, Angkor Wat, stands as an extraordinary temple complex, offering awe-inspiring views and remarkable architecture that can occupy visitors for days.

The growing demand for English teachers in Cambodia is fueled by the nation's increasing reliance on international tourism and trade, as well as its young population, with approximately 60% under the age of thirty. The country's low cost of living and minimal restrictions on teacher hiring contribute to its rising popularity as a teaching destination, poised for future growth.

What are the requirements for teaching English in Cambodia?

In Cambodia, the requirements for teaching English are generally less stringent compared to many other countries in the region. Typically, an internationally recognized TEFL certificate of at least 120 hours is necessary, along with sufficient funds to support yourself until your first month's salary. While some employers may require a degree and prefer native English speakers from select countries such as the US, UK, Ireland, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, or South Africa, these criteria are the exception rather than the norm. There are ample opportunities available for English teachers regardless of their nationality or academic background.

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What TEFL course is best for teaching English in Cambodia?

Most employers in Cambodia accept a TEFL certification as long as it meets the minimum requirement of 120 hours and is issued by a reputable institution. An online course like ITTT's 120-hour TEFL certificate provides comprehensive theoretical training, and you also have the option to add practical training in your preferred location. Practical teaching practice can be highly beneficial as it prepares you for the realities of teaching in a real classroom setting.

Alternatively, many trainees opt for an in-class TEFL course, which offers a comprehensive theoretical and practical education delivered by highly qualified and experienced teachers. Fortunately, ITTT has an in-class TEFL training center located in Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia. Choosing this option allows you to acclimate to the local environment for approximately four weeks before embarking on your first teaching job. The expertise of the training staff can greatly assist you in securing a suitable teaching position in your desired location.

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What are the visa requirements for teaching English in Cambodia?

Most foreign teachers working legally in Cambodia obtain a Business Visa (Type E). This visa allows you to work in the country for up to one year. You can apply for the visa either before departing from your home country through the Cambodian Embassy or Consulate, or upon arrival at the airport. The cost of a one-month business visa is $35, and it can be extended for six months or one year at a cost ranging from $100 to $300.

What is the best way to apply for English teaching jobs in Cambodia?

While some teaching jobs may be advertised online and arranged prior to departure, most employers expect in-person interviews. Many teachers begin by deciding which part of the country they prefer to work in and then reach out to as many potential employers as possible via email. Upon arrival in Cambodia, visiting local schools allows you to determine the best fit for your preferences. It is crucial to have enough funds to sustain yourself until your first payday, and we recommend having at least $1,000 to $1,500 to cover accommodation, meals, transportation, and other expenses.

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