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E.T. - Sweden said:
Why complete a TEFL courseI believe there are many reasons as to why people choose to complete a tefl course. Some might be looking for a way to experience a culture different from their own. Others may want to work in a challenging and fun environment where they can make a positive impact on peoples lives. A tefl course can provide the skills and opportunities needed to do this. For me, personally, there are many reasons for choosing to do a tefl course. The thought of working and living in another country is something that has become very appealing to me over the years and I believe that a TEFL cert can be a first step towards settling in a new country. However the original thought of taking the course came to me when my boyfriend, who is Irish, lost his job during the height of the economic down turn. After this, his options were severely limited as jobs were becoming almost impossible to find in ireland. As a result he decided to sign up for an intensive four-week tefl course, which he successfully completed in 2009. After he received his tefl certification we both decided to move to Salamanca in spain where he immediately found work teaching English while I chose to study Spanish at a private school. I found the change of lifestyle to be both exciting and hard to believe at first. I had so much fun learning Spanish and the teachers at my school had an enthusiasm and a passion for teaching that I had never seen before. This made me look at teaching in a different way and I realized that it could be both rewarding and fun. The thought of teaching English in a foreign country had never entered my thoughts as an option before this. After becoming aware of the need for English teachers around the world I was determined to get my own qualification. Growing up in a small town in sweden, the thought of traveling the world and experiencing new cultures has always been a dream of mine. It is easy to feel trapped and cut off from the world where I live. Therefore, the dream of traveling around the world is the most compelling factor as to why I chose to complete the tefl course. My Grandmother is from argentina and I have always dreamed of visiting the town where she is from. This is but one example of all the many places that are now an option for me not only to visit, but also to live and work. Completing a recognized tefl course has also been a very personal achievement for me. In 2006 I was involved in a very serious accident. The result of which, my academic life had to be put on hold for a few years. Completing this course has been my first attempt at something academic since the accident and although I found it tough in places, I am very proud of myself for completing it in the given amount of time. While I am still trying to put the events of 2006 behind me I know that having this certification will open up new opportunities and hopefully invite a bright new future for me. In conclusion, travel, employment and personal growth are all very important to me. Gaining this certification not only opens up opportunities for me that I never dreamed possible. It also gives me the confidence lift I need to go on and try new things again. Thank you.