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D.G. - Thailand said:
Online vs onsite coursesThey said that teaching is the most stable job that one could have and I can say it is. But before becoming a teacher one should study of becoming one. Personally, I graduated with a bachelor?s degree in education but not in English. In our country, English is widely used as a medium of teaching in various subjects and considering English as our second language. However, going to a foreign land is a different experience for me as a teacher to the fact that it?s different from the culture where I was used to. It is always a quality of a teacher of becoming flexible whatever she is asked to teach. Here in thailand, most teachers are teaching English so it is far from what course I have finished though I don?t have English subjects to teach. Good thing, my friend told me about tefl courses. tefl courses can be accomplished through online and onsite studying. Online and onsite tefl courses offers the same certification, but a different experience where the individual should think or consider some factors before making decision which one to take. One of the most obvious and important factor one should consider is the COST. onsite courses requires the trainee to make their own way to a foreign course location and pay for accommodation through the duration of the course. In online courses, the individual do not have to think of the cost of travel, housing or food and require only access to a computer with internet connection. Aside from that, online TEFL certificate is much cheaper than onsite course. online course for me is a flexible course. The requirements can be fulfilled according to my own time frame which gives me numerous benefits like taking it for a couple of months or finishing it within 120 hours of study, rather than committing to a straight month of classes. Addition to that, the online certification can be beneficial to anyone who is not completely decided that teaching is their career of choice. It enables the trainee to avoid making any life changes without knowing if they will enjoy or succeed in teaching English in another country. Upon beginning an online course, students are assigned to an advisor who will mentor them and answer any questions via e-mail; however, this communication can be delayed depending on the location of the trainee versus the advisor, it lacks the intimacy of face to face counsel and activities are not guided that much. When it comes to teaching materials, there are many guide materials and students worksheets that can be found in the internet for future references, at least having an idea what they should do or use in a certain activity or lesson. In finding job, many online courses displays job postings and offer some advice and assistance in regards to obtaining a teaching position in a different country. The benefits of onsite courses are also numerous. Trainees are taught in a classroom setting that can help them to familiarize themselves in managing a similar environment once they begin to teach English. Classroom setting gives more dynamic approach. An onsite course gives hands-on practices and allows teacher to provide more guidance to the trainees. Another thing is that, in an onsite course there are many experienced trainers available that can help answer questions immediately and troubleshoot problems that a trainee may experience. Most onsite schools have a good collection of teaching materials on hand that students can use for teaching ideas and inspiration. onsite courses tend to have more developed job hunting resources. If the trainee knows he or she wishes to work in a specific country, it can be extremely beneficial to take a tefl course in that place, as one can then begin to grow accustomed to lingual and cultural differences as well as gain important contacts in the teaching industry. online tefl course and Onsite tefl course have their pros and cons. The trainee should decide which program will suit their situations before committing to a certain program. They could ask help through the testimonials of former students or from the teachers in the