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D.C. - U.S.A. said:
Why Complete a TEFL CourseWhat is TEFL? It is a course used to train English speakers learn the proper skills specifically for teaching foreign learners. Many people take this program in order to work in foreign countries. With this certificate you are a qualified English teacher. This course is a rewarding, valuable, and helpful course to complete. Why is this course rewarding? Well I guess it is a matter of opinion but I feel that it is good. Not only the course but more so the things you can do after completing the course. Imagine teaching in a foreign land! What an exciting adventure. Having an experience like teaching in a foreign land or teaching foreign learners is very eye opening and rewarding. Its truly amazing to learn about different cultures and attain different perspectives on life. So teaching English is not only a job its an adventure that I feel all should experience in life. Its great to actually see people motivated to learn a language and also very heart warming to see when students make progress. Many people with no teaching training travel to foreign lands hoping to teach English. Yes they may find jobs because English is a language that is taught in most foreign lands but its always a valuable tool when you have TEFL. A TEFL certificate is valuable because the employers can look at a resume and even if it is not a very good one, they can see that you have specific training. Most likely you will get the job. I have been teaching for some and I have found that most of the time schools wont ask if you have a degree they will ask if you have TEFL or tesol and that is usually what will get you the job. The course will teach you the things us native speakers have learned as children but may have forgotten. After completing the course you will have a wealth of knowledge. So this is a very valuable thing to have. The course is lastly very helpful. The course covers everything from the grammar of English to how to relate to your students. Its not only a course that will help you yourself with English but also focuses on how to be a good teacher and what the most effective methods of teaching are. The course also provides very helpful resources that all teachers can look back on and use for their classrooms. They offer different websites for good lesson plans and teaching ideas. In the course they also help you to realize all types of students, classrooms, and methods. It doesnt really favor any particular one, but it gives you enough information to see what kind of teacher you would personally like to be. And the practice lesson plans they give are just a bonus. I never made lesson plans before taking this course. Now I have learned the importance of being organized and how much easier lessons go if you have a plan. Overall the tefl course was a very good thing. I don't regret taking it and neither will you. It will make teaching English a rewarding experience and it is a valuable and helpful thing to have.