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A.P. - Hong Kong said:
Motivation in the classroomFrom the moment a teacher meets their students the motivation for students to learn in the classroom begins. Motivation is one of the main keys to successful learning and some behavioral problems can be linked to lack of motivation hence teachers should attend to this from the very start. Although this said, students do have to take some learning responsibility on themselves. One way to achieve this is to get students to set realistic goals for themselves, something they can aim to achieve over the coming lessons; students will have to be motivated to complete these goals. Teachers will have to explain and ensure students understand that to achieve these goals will take a little work which may not always be easy and mistakes will be made, but with motivation and patience anything can be achieved. Teachers have to work at getting students to believe in themselves, this may take time but once achieved students will have the motivation to learning anything they wish. Every individual student works in their own way and is motivated in different ways, some students naturally seem enthusiastic about learning and want to be in the classroom but others may need to be inspired and challenged to get results. It primarily comes down to the teacher of the classroom to maintain every individual?s student?s interest and keep them coming back for more. Teachers of a classroom can do several things to encourage their students to become self motivated and independent in their studies, it needs to be remembered that not all student are motivated by the same values, needs and desires. students can be motivated simply by the approval from you as their teacher or their fellow peers or simply by overcoming challenges either you or they personally set themselves. Every lesson should contain early, positive feedback to ensure students believe that they can do well and achieve the aims and goals set for them. These tasks which are set by the teacher should not be too easy or too difficult, the teacher should change the work accordingly depending on the situation as students need to see the results they are achieving but not be challenged too hard if they can?t handle defeat in not being able to do the work. The classroom itself should be an environment where students are comfortable and relaxed, a positive atmosphere will reflect in the motivation of the students. A well organized course taught by a teacher who is enthusiastic and creating a positive environment for their students alongside showing that they care for their individual students needs and interests will have a positive reflection in the motivation in the classroom. student?s involvement in a class can have a huge impact in their motivation. students shouldn?t just be sat there having the teacher talk at them all lesson. The teacher should have the students involved as much as possible as they learn through being actively involved through making, reading, writing, designing, creating and solving. students should be given a change to work things out for themselves before being told the correct answer; students can be involved in the choice of topics on what is to be studied, the more a student feels involved in the class the more motivated they will be to learn the context of the lessons.