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Y.L. - Canada said:
Why complete a TEFL CourseI complete this course because I knew that many others have succeeded in their teaching career after completion of this course. Everyone wants to follow the path of success, and I did my research on the structure of this course and also ask a few friends about their experience. It was all positive review of this course from my friends. I also went on to Facebook and ask a few fans of the TEFL site and see what they think about it before making the investment of money and time. I have a great tutor to help me succeed in this course. Now I am powered with the tools to go into a classroom and teach a group of students either EFL or ESL. I can?t imagine without the proper training from this course and go into a classroom scramble for a lesson plan. I have learned about different roles of a teacher in the first lesson and realize that there is never a fixed way of teaching. Teacher must be flexible and ready to adapt to different types of circumstances. tefl courses illustrate this throughout the entire course. Every student learns English in a slightly different ways, so it is up to the teacher to come up with a lesson plan that will be able to benefit everyone. The phases of a lesson plan consist of Engage, Study, and Activate. These phases help you break down the material and organize it in a way that anyone else can understand if they were to take over the lesson plan for the day. Winston Churchill once said ?failure to plan is planning to fail?. I couldn?t agree more with that statement. I think I have even improved my own English grammar skills by completing this course. It is as if I was attending the English course myself. If anyone out there is thinking about going into teaching English in a foreign country, I would definitely recommend taking this course to refresh your memory, or in my case improve my knowledge of English grammar and ways to teach different types of students. I didn?t know there was such a big difference between young learners vs. adult learners. It was helpful to have lesson break down the materials for you to teach students. tefl course also combine previous experience of other teachers to help warn us what kind of problems new teachers may encounter. I will definitely read over all the notes I have from this course before entering into a classroom to teach for the first time. Just like the course mention earlier, it is always better to be over prepared than to be under prepared. I want to give special thanks to my tutor for my tefl course. He was very helpful to me throughout this course, as it is not very easy to go through the course without any type of guidance. There were times that my grammar needed some assistance and he was there to guide me on the right track. I am very grateful and glad that I signed up for a tutor. If anyone out there is not sure about taking the tefl course, I sure hope this article will help them get a general idea of what to expect. The reward at the end is great once you put in the time.